Sometimes we review things, and other times we analyse, and on some nights we lock ourselves away and write analytical reviews. This week, Kyle Press delves deep into the inner depths of Gabrielle Aplin’s new EP Avalon. 

The title Of Gabrielle Aplin’s latest EP, Avalon, comes from the island of Arthurian legend, which it’s said is to be the place where Arthur’s sword, Excalibur was forged, and magic in the form of sorceresses exist.

After spending many hours listening over and over to the four track EP, I must admit it is a true piece of beauty – I love it – it’s such a good EP to keep on repeat, I’ve only really known Gabrielle for her song “Please don’t say you love me”, so it’s good to hear her in a new light. I love how the songs from Avalon are upbeat and danceable but still have the love song vibe she’s made a name for.

Here’s a walkthrough of all four tracks:

  1. Waking up slow.

Firstly, let me just say I love this tune, the Melody and the lyrics go Stunningly together, I like how it starts off nice and slow and then picks up speed and drops into a Beat and gets that sort of dance song vibe, Lyrics are an important part of a song if you ask me, the lyrics need to be good for me to really listen and play the song over and over on repeat,

“Heaven help me, my mind changes like the wind, please excuse me I don’t know where to begin” – I feel as if this lyric means that her mind keeps shifting, making its mind up but then changing completely, and then when she’s finally decided, she have no idea where to begin, a bit like the wind, it constantly changes day in and day out.

Another lyric I like is “You know I’ve never been so lonely on my own and it shows, because I don’t see you like I used to.” I know this feeling far too well to be honest, I relate to this because I know what it like to feel so lonely even when you’re on your own and you notice because the people who you once knew no longer look how they did.

I saw that she also did an acoustic version of “waking up slow” and I must admit, this version is truly amazing – I mean it bring me to tears just how beautiful it sounded acoustic!

Altogether I’d say this song is one of my favourites!

  1. Say Nothing

I like the way she begins the song by slowly saying one word at a time, for example “I, Don’t, know, about, you, but, I’m, tired” I really like how she did that, like it gave a fast beat a juxtaposing slow vibe.

The lyrics are really well matched as well, I especially like this one: “Tell me, are you in there? Give me a sign, nothing’s gonna make this right this time.” I know how this feels, well firstly I feel this is about a break up or someone who cheated, and so this to me means, where are you at? Give me a sign you even care about me and what you’ve done, an apology and some cheap flowers won’t make it right this time, like enough is enough, you’ve had your 400 chances and now you’ve blown through them. Game Over!

I’m really into the chorus as well: “So, tell me a lie, tell me you were high, let me know why, do anything it takes, tell me it was a mistake, tell me how your heart breaks, it meant nothing anyway, say anything to make me stay, but you say nothing. But you say nothing”

Okay so to me I think this means like, at least tell me it was a mistake, she meant nothing to you or that you were drunk, I need to hear something solid to make me stay, but you just say nothing, it’s like you just want to throw it all away. I know what this feeling is like, it’s a pain, because he/she may have cheated but you still Love him so you want him to at least give you a reason to stay but when he doesn’t even try to lie about his reasons you know then its over for sure and that really sucks.

So altogether I really liked this tune! I liked the sort of story this song was telling, very relatable, the beat was also good and fitted perfect with the style of vocals! A song I’d play repeatedly if I had a bad break up ha-ha…


  1. Used To Do

Compared to “Waking up slow” & “Say nothing” I’m not too sure on this one but I like the melody of the song, the sort of drum and guitar mix with the light and gentle vocals works so well.  I really love the lyrics on this song, I really relate to them, more than other song to be honest: “Time went slowly but then it hit me ’round the head, I’m not quite over this just yet, I thought I’d let go gently, But I’ve been holding on too tight and it still keeps me up at night”

I really relate to this Lyric, like I got proper feels and flash backs when hearing this at the beginning of the song. After breaking up with someone, the time seems to go slowly and you think you’ve fine and you think you’ve moved on but then it hits you right on the head, You’re still not over that person, You convinced yourself you had moved on but really you haven’t, you hold on too tight to every little good memories and that makes you miss them even more, you begin to miss the time you were together and release you were really happy and now you’re not so sure how you feel now. And the biggest problem is, is that it keeps you up at night, just thinking about them and Remembering the memories and you constantly ask yourself over and over “where did it go wrong?” To which you’re then up all night. It’s just such a powerful lyric that I think nearly everyone can relate to.

I also find this lyric very relatable as well “Nobody loves me like you used to do, nobody loved me like you used to do, do you still need me, like you used to do?”

Trying to find someone who loved and treated you like they did, can be hard, because you’ll either never find that person who can do the same, or you find someone even better and you worry you’re pushing the memories of them away and Fear you’re finally having to move on. So altogether I do like this song! I recommend to anyone who is going through a break up or a heart break, I think this could really help.


  1. Stay

This is a good tune! I really like this! I think it would be even better in an acoustic version! The lyrics are good as well!

Means a lot really, here’s an example:

 “Life, a couple hundred miles away and I remember you like it was yesterday, I didn’t want to leave you on your own in the end but we’re not supposed to feel this, I can’t pretend, but times gone by on a runaway train and there’s nothing we can do to bring it back again, so, you, why you looking at me? I’m not what you want, It’s not what you need, cause I, I need to be free to come as I go and go as I please”

So, to me I think this means like, right now life is far away, time is paused and you remember him like it was yesterday before all the bad stuff happened before the cheating, the break up and the fights,

You end up feeling like you don’t want to leave him like somehow its unfair on him that he’ll be all on his own but it’s not fair, you’re not supposed to feel this way, you can’t pretend everything is normal and okay, Life is ticking away and going on a runaway train, and there’s nothing you can do to bring time back and change the past,

So you think, why is he looking at me like that? Like it’s my fault? Like I should be there for him like he’s the victim? And you know for sure you’re not what he wants, He Just wants what you had, in most cases good arm candy, sad but the truth,

Plus, you’re not what he needs either, He needs to face the truth that he’s messed up and you’re gone, there’s no time to fix things because you’re gone And you need to be free it’s not just him who might be hurt, this affects you too, you deserve to be free and come and go as you please, Let time go by mend your heart and in no time you’ll have a brand new you for a new chapter in your story.

So, this song is one of the best in the EP I must admit, I really liked it!

I absolutely love this modern masterpiece from Gabrielle Aplin, bravo!


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