Aquilo - Silhouettes Review
Replay Value6.9
We Liked...
  • Emotive Lyrics
  • Stunning Vocals
  • Album Narrative
We Didn't Like...
  • Slight Repetitive Sound
6.5Overall Score
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From the very start the album bleeds emotion with contagious vocals delicately placing the sense of vulnerability from the word go.

The Lancashire duo, Tom and Ben have embedded their own memories and journeys into this album which creates relatable and connected experiences for every listener. From the initial breakup to the rebellious rebound relationship the 14-song album highlights every aspect of a breakup.

Not all the songs on the album are new though. The 3rd track of the album Human was one of Aquilo’s first EP to be released back in 2014. That said, the single doesn’t feel disjointed when slotted around the other material and is a welcomed investment into the album.

With most albums, there are always stand out songs and this is no different.  Human and Sorry are two songs that showcase the boy’s talent.

Human is a song that creates a sense of vulnerability. It’s innocent beginning combined with the vocals create a calm and soothing sound. This doesn’t last long though with the piano sneaking in to flip the atmosphere into a more gripping and controlling one which holds the listener levitated in the air for a few seconds before being dropped back into the innocence pool once again. This track showcases how clever the duo is when using instruments, with drums dominating the latter part of the track controlling the mood and the pace of the track creating a sense of being trapped and trying to break free. This sense of self-discovery is echoed through the lyrics “This is us, you know it on the inside. This is us, so you should show it on the outside.”

Sorry is the second stand out song. This track is the simplest on the album but simplicity doesn’t mean rubbish. This track is formulated all around a story of regret where the lyrics and vocals are the powerful combo on this specific song. The song tells the story of someone losing everything for their lover and finally losing their lover too.

It is great to see the duo that grew up together in the Lake District open their experience of love up for their debut album, it lives up to their wave of previous EP’s and does them and their memories justice.

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