Patched Up is something we need more of in the world.

Somehow sounding both true to name, patched together and raw, while also perfectly put together, it is wonderfully contradictory.

It is an EP that proves that a powerful song doesn’t need to be loud, reminds us that music can bring on the strongest waves of nostalgia and that bedroom-pop can be as hard-hitting as any other genre.

Patched Up feels like the EP that 2018 has been waiting for.

It is obvious from track one, Everest, that this is a collection of songs that are going to be filled with emotion and the kind of imagery-filled-storytelling that give tracks a cinematic feel. And who doesn’t love that feeling?

These are the kind of tracks you can listen to on a bus full of people and feel like the main character in your own drama or listen to alone in bed at night and feel like your life is a work of fiction.


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iv just spent the last few months making this ep for u guys and it’s almost almoST almost done just hang in in there I love u guys

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From the opening lines “You’re alright, you’re still breathing, even though you feel dead sometimes” to heavily relatable lines like “Blank noise, is an awful sound, and it hurts my ears, I don’t know how.” These are feelings everyone has felt at some point and Patched Up plays on that, managing to take you right back to that moment in a bittersweet, reflective way.

The second track, Tired makes it hard to believe that this is a debut EP. The mix of surreal instrumental sounds and dreamy echoing vocals create an effect best described as audible fairy lights, almost like a song performed while sleepwalking.

However, paired with dark lyrics such as “I’ve been eating less all day to give my brain some extra space to think” it is a pop song crafted to perfection, with so much more depth than a lot of seasoned artists are currently able to achieve.

The standout song on the album, If You Want To contains all the components of a pop-punk song presented in such a fun way that it is hard to imagine anyone finding it unenjoyable. With a chorus consisting of catchy angsty lines like “If you want to/use some pesticides and throw it in my brain” the whole track is an earworm that you’ll never want to kill.

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Penultimate track, Eighteen, is in short what the EP is all about all the way through. The lyrics “Sometimes I get scared of growing up” and “kinda wish I’d stayed at my mother’s home,” are lines that are written from the POV of a teenager in one of the most confusing walks of life. But these lyrics are ones that we can all feel, everyone is scared of aging sometimes.

Whether this is ageing from 17 to 18, 30 to 31 or 49 to 50, it is a scary process. This is a song about growing up, that can be enjoyed by anyone growing older. Just like this is a coming of age EP that can be enjoyed at any age.

Arriving just a week after co-label Dirty Hit legendary artists The 1975 released their long-anticipated album, it may only be beabadoobee’s debut EP, but it is not hard to imagine her having the same level of success as A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships has had soon.

With songwriting skills that are impossibly dreamy, and a replay value that is through the roof, how could she not?


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Listen to Patched Up, here.

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