Blank Atlas - 'Canvas' EP Review
Blank Atlas blend plenty of big riff energy with their pleasing vocals on this collection of well arranged tracks, making for a solid EP.
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Marrying soaring harmonious vocals with big, twanging riffs and a good measure of chugging, Blank Atlas elicit a well-matched range of musical intrigue and investing songwriting. All of these elements can be heard profusely throughout their brand new EP ‘Canvas‘ which spans six songs of alt-rock goodness.

Listen to the lead single from ‘Canvas‘, titled ‘Sing For Something‘ here:

A song drenched in resolution and strength in the face of adversity, ‘Sing For Something‘ is a number to invigorate and act as an audible pick-me-up whenever you may need it. Songs of that nature can be of huge gravity to the right ears, and well done in such a zesty fashion as the lads have conjured up here it can linger long in the mind and have you bouncing to the opulent grooves while also wailing along.

Blank Atlas line-up in the form of a three-piece from Bristol, with a family touch as two of the members – Tom (drums, vocals) and Dan Thould (guitar, vocals) are twin brothers. These two are joined by the addition of Chris Simpson (bass, vocals), the fact that the three members each provide some vocal duty makes for some weighty and strong deliveries, adding a bit of a diverse edge to the focal point of the band.

Two years previous, in 2016 the trio released their debut project; the ‘Solitude‘ EP and subsequent touring followed in support of the EP and to prove themselves in the live incarnation with hopes to gain themselves a bit of a following as bands tend to do, as they played with bands such as Dream State, Allusondrugs, Fatherson, Anavae and Max Raptor. New project ‘Canvas‘ sees the band take on a slightly heavier direction which pays off well and has seen them elicit aforementioned riffier modes, with guitar licks aplenty that linger long in your ears, leading you to quickly jump to replay the EP.

A band on the rise, Blank Atlas display as much promise as they do poise on ‘Canvas‘ through the six tracks that convey their dynamic blend of energetic modern rock. EP opener ‘I Was Told This is How Wars Start‘ is a tremendous way to kick things off and give the listener a solid impression of the band’s intentions as it saunters graciously while still hitting hard at the crucial moments – this balance of grace with strength and furore is absolutely the selling point of Blank Atlas and specifically of ‘Canvas‘.

I feel one of the big strengths of the band and subsequently the ‘Canvas‘ EP is how easy to listen to it is; this coats the project in versatility for the consumer as you could enjoy it just as much blasting out your speakers while you clean the house as you could have it supply your driving soundtrack and equally if you are on a walk somewhere just shuffling through the hearty amass of tunes that make up the music library you herald that you know in all honesty needs some attention and some updating but you never devote the required attention – one of the ‘Canvas‘ songs would be a positive track to let blast in this instance.

Simply put, with the ‘Canvas‘ EP Blank Atlas offer a tasty and refreshing cup of tea of the well-infused nature, something like a timely brewed mug of the fruit and herbal variety. Solidly recommend you check it out, specifically looking at fans of Press to MECO, Arcane Roots & Black Peaks!)

Blank Atlas Canvas

The ‘Canvas’ EP is out everywhere now.

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