Chandrian Kill - 'Bring Out Your Dead' EP Review
Chandrian Kill demonstrate the huge potential they wield greatly on 'Bring Out Your Dead' while rarely faltering. They grab your attention and feed it benevolently on this debut 3 track EP.
Replay Value8.8
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  • Coalescence of clean & harsh vocals
  • The catchy and driving guitar licks
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  • How soon it is over.. More soon please!
8.3Overall Score
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Although this debut three track EP from British metal duo Chandrian Kill is short, it is certainly a comprehensive project; packing a lot into each song. ‘Bring Out Your Dead‘ also despite the length, does not leave you underwhelmed as the tracks individually muster a strong amount of replay value.

Simply put, Chandrian Kill offer the two things that I feel are an inherently important aspect of music (of any genre but specifically for me this applies to metal) – their innovative instrumentation that while rewarding as hell if you devote full attention, does not require such at all times and meaningful lyrics culminating in delivering a message through the music. This collection of songs does something – ‘Bring Out Your Dead‘ has an impact on more than just your ears; reaching to and effecting your perception as you weigh up the notions expressed by Nic Whitemore compared to your pre-existing ruminations on the same topics.

EP opener and lead single ‘I Collide‘ is guilty of being catchy as hell, and you’d struggle to find yourself not playing the song over and over again to satisfy the hunger it instils. The catchyness is therefore second only to the replay value of the song, as it is not a track that grows boring easily. The harsh vocals offset those that are clean sung powerfully, combine this with the industrial-seeping riff that is vigorously present during the chorus and it’s ensured that you are paying due attention and evoking at least a screwface of approval, at best (most likely) an oddly alleviating motion of headbanging.

Filter Off‘ – At moments you feel (or rather you don’t feel) yourself getting lost in this six-minute strong showcase of well constructed, not overcomplicated enjoyable metal. Throughout, the track is rising and falling in waves of dreamy, hypnotic melody through the harmonious vocals but equally so the wailing guitar riffs of support that entangle with the clean sung vocals enticingly. At just under halfway endured, the duo kicks up the intensity by a couple of gears by turning the momentum gathering march into an aggressive stampede that you’d struggle to contain, before restoring the sanctity found earlier on in the track, in an audible caress.

Remain Alive‘ caps things off as nicely as treating yourself to the time old tradition of a couple of biscuits and a good ol’ cuppa after a nourishing and filling dinner made for you – it leaves you very satisfied. The song veers around a smooth and consistent bend of road at a steady-yet-progressive pace before it ultimately decides to arrive at the final destination, dropping you off home. Except you don’t wanna get out or finish the ride, and desperately scramble to flag the scene-fleeing mobile down in a hectic motion of arm flailing and wild jumping accompanied by frenzied shouting – then you realise how foolish you are being in losing all and any dignity you may have felt you held during the ride, as you can simply press play on ‘I Collide‘ for the nnnth time and re-live the warming, delectable journey yet again – so you do (and forget about the panic-ridden arm flailing until ‘Remain Alive‘ & ‘Bring Out Your Dead‘ draws to conclusion and you are spurred to deem this reaction necessary again) and it’s glorious.

Chandrian Kill demonstrate the huge potential they wield greatly on ‘Bring Out Your Dead‘ while rarely faltering. The duo have planned a series of EPs that I for one am definitely excited to hear as above all else it will be interesting to see what territory the group covers and branches into with their future music.

Bring Out Your Dead‘ is due for release on 7th September via Bar3 Records.

Find out more about Chandrian Kill here.

Bring Out Your Dead

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