You Dirty Blue - Tough Crowd EP
You Dirty Blue follow up their debut release with an excellent EP which surely cements their place as one of the best unsigned acts playing the Birmingham circuit today.
Replay Value7.7
We Liked...
  • That You Dirty Blue don't sound like anyone else we've heard.
  • The contrasting vocal styles and how that is worked in to the music.
  • That 'Sharp Left Story' has been in our head for days and we're still in love with it!
We Didn't Like...
  • That it's only 3 tracks long! We want more!
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If you’ve been around the Birmingham music scene for a little while, you may have bumped in to up-and-coming alternative rock outfit You Dirty Blue on a number of lineups in the city centre’s gig venues of late. That’s because 2017 has been a year to celebrate for Leon James and Martin Reynolds, the two members who comprise the band, having played some big support slots for alternative rock darlings Wolf Alice, White Lung, and Radio Moscow, as well as being picked to play the prestigious Glastonbury Festival.

Their new EP ‘Tough Crowd’ is the follow up to debut release ‘Pictures From Pages’, and continues where they left off with three tracks of hard hitting alternative rock music. The EP opens with ‘Nonsensical’, which shows off the inherent duality in the two-piece with the pair trading singing duties; Leon’s razor blade vocal style providing great contrast to Martin’s more traditional sound. It’s as if they’re portraying two sides of the same character, Leon the confused and upset individual trying to come to terms with their situation, Martin the conscience trying to hold it together.

Second track ‘Sharp Left Story’ may be the biggest earworm You Dirty Blue have written thus far, the melodic riff the song is built around being one that is very easily recognisable (the song having been played at a number of shows this year). It’s the perfect song to fill the floor and get everyone moving, and is notable for the break down in the middle where Leon and Martin get to rip it up on their respective instruments.

Finally, the whirling ‘Gallow Dancer’ ends proceedings with an all out assault on the aural senses. The combination of guitar and bass organ here is really intoxicating and, with Martin taking the vocal lead here, it shows a level of confidence way beyond the relatively short lifespan of the band. It’s in no way unjustified, and ‘Gallow Dancer’ is the perfect track to leave you wanting more.

An impressive second addition to the bands catalogue, and a must-see live act; you have to think that it won’t be long before they get noticed by the record labels. Which direction they find themselves moving in in the future is anyone’s guess, but if one thing is certain, it’s that there’s no one else who sounds quite like You Dirty Blue.

‘Tough Crowd’ will be released on 15/12/2017 via Bandcamp, and You Dirty Blue will embark on a UK tour in Spring 2018.


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