Fliptrix - 'Inexhale' Album Review
Fliptrix transcends lyrical borders and musical styles in crafting the jaunty while conscious pleasurable listen that is 'Inexhale'.
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  • Range of well exercised styles on display!
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  • The maturity and development Fliptrix showcases
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Having been perfecting his craft over eleven years in the game and seven albums aswell as overseeing all the greatness High Focus Records has been responsible for as the founder and CEO, to say Fliptrix has had an impact on UK hip-hop would be an understatement.

The South London spitter has pushed the envelope of quality, meaningful rapping and stays true to the message simply stated on the High Focus website – “High Focus has one aim – to resurrect the legacy of UK hip hop“. By providing such a positive and creative platform for up and coming UK rappers, we have seen this and are continuing to witness this aim becoming a huge reality – from the likes of Dirty Dike, Verb-T, BVA, Jam Baxter and the audacious Ocean Wisdom to recent addition Coops, it is evident Fliptrix is doing a phenomenal job of resurrecting UK hip-hop.

All along this journey, he has never taken a backseat, instead staying on his grind & consistently putting the work in, and it is emphatically paying off. Fliptrix’s eighth album ‘Inexhale‘ features much of his best work to date and is a great exhibition of a focused, hungry and talented rapper who keeps his lyrical content genuine with a colourful mix of humour and some very real, conscious bars.

Boasting a wealthy sixteen tracks, ‘Inexhale‘ offers great value for money but despite the length, does not overstay it’s welcome – rather it holds your attention in a vice grip thanks to the excellent production courtesy of Joe Corfield, Molotov & Chemo. The numerous guest features all earn their spots and display great chemistry with Fliptrix – none of these features take away or overshadow Flip‘s contributions; they serve to enhance the impact of one another. It goes without saying for each of the High Focus features, as anyone who is familiar with Fliptrix or the label knows how frequent inter-label collaborations are, and how they’re always fire.

Fliptrix describes his latest body of work as follows: “Inexhale‘ is about new beginnings, ending cycles and living in the moment. Both in a creative and existential sense.” In the manner that the project begins with the spirited opener ‘Inhale‘, and concludes after penultimate reflective track ‘Exhale‘, the album is essentially providing that elucidating, inner peace moment of breath that provides one with much focus and clarity of mind in between drawing in and releasing out a breath.

The chosen beats all marry well with the varying rapping approaches Fliptrix ventures into and do a great job of glazing the project with a very modern freshness while still championing that old-school High Focus vibe. The production leads the way for Fliptrix to display his strong versatility, as he does with delving into the realms of grime on single ‘Catch Banter‘ featuring Jammz & Capo Lee. He proclaims on piano led banger ‘Bagging Up Music‘:

“I been on this thing since day
Still forever reppin’ with some new shit”

The contents of ‘Inexhale‘ makes this abundantly clear – the experimentation exhibited works well, as Flip suits this adorned style with his naturally quick, slang integrating flow, yet ‘Catch Banter‘ doesn’t strike as a tune that’s ‘trying too hard’ to elicit such a sound – the features add to the organic flavour. Healthily contrasting this we have tracks like ‘Too Close To The Sun‘ that evokes some fluid frantically flow shifting and ‘It’s Like That‘ which accommodates a super laid-back vibe and feels a very signature Fliptrix tune. ‘Inside The Ride‘ champions a novel mid-ground as the grime-centric pulsating beat undergoes assault from Flip, then from the ever impressive Ocean Wisdom and other fellow High Focus conspirator Onoe Caponoe – culminating mass replay value and an astute example of blending two often contrasting genres.

British cheekyness, ‘can’t tell me nothing’ stoner attitudes, doses of higher consciousness and a healthy measure of realism, calling out the dominating fakery and bullshit prominent in much of today’s society – and mainstream hip-hop – are characteristics firmly associated with Fliptrix and these feature throughout ‘Inexhale‘. One thing I always praise Flip for is his invariably fresh approach towards lyricism – although these attributes are constant lyrical topics for him, he is never guilty of redundant recycling – he finds a way to express such topics in new, humorous and enlightening fashions.


Inexhale‘ is due for release on Friday, 24th August via High Focus Records, and Fliptrix is holding a launch show for the project at London’s Jazz Cafe the day before, on Thursday 23rd August!

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