God Complex - 'Created Sick' EP Review
God Complex smashing the proverbial door in and announcing themselves emphatically. Basked in fantastic, uncompromising rage 'Created Sick' leaves an utterly nasty impression.
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God Complex furiously put the hard in the core. Their sound is literally hard to the core. They are a callous example of the hardcore genre that is exhibited in depth on new EP ‘Created Sick‘. The project see’s God Complex smashing the proverbial door in and announcing themselves to the world emphatically.

Sounding extremely ferocious and delivering a contagious bout of aggression through the medium of audio is a practice musicians have flirted with since they found such an outlet to channel their anger and have it met by hordes of empathising receivers who would make up rowdy audiences that revelled in such a cathartic experience and help them forget about their troubles, big or small.

Achieving that feat is great in the sense of ticking boxes, but really music of this vein has to have more than just that singular dimension in today’s world to really mark itself as not just worthwhile, but sought after. Innovation in the creative process, outside of the box thinking and pushing the paradigms into new realms is where the real quality lies. This is also precisely where we find God Complex situated. Their ‘Created Sick‘ EP is a record of disgust from start to finish, bursting through your ears with intentions of a deranged nature and letting it wash over you whole is simply glorious. Emanating the likes of Knocked Loose, Code Orange and Loathe, with their brand of social poignancy and crushing vehemence God Complex prove they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Basked in fantastic, uncompromising rage, ‘Created Sick‘ leaves an utterly nasty impression. Sure it may be a short EP at only five songs that runs a total of twelve minutes, but damn is it a replay-able twelve. Lead single ‘Breeding Filth‘ could be described as a pertinent example of what the band achieve with the spread of their violent sound through speakers far and wide, beginning with that dominant marching stomp the track terrorises, in a good way:

The tracks only grow angrier as the project deepens, with the abhorrent blast that is ‘Slumlord‘ taking absolutely no prisoners and providing a simply brutal, rumbling drum outro is in itself enough to entice you back to the track.

The band project a mass despair of the poor state of the modern world which is felt by many, whilst they highlight and bring to the forefront topics that plague society and need addressing through their lyricism, the musical backbone forms the perfect tone of vent summarising the frustration felt. The bruising aggressiveness can be interpreted as the response of the conscious citizen and population to such wrongdoings that too often go unnoticed, or without being brought to justice.

EP finale ‘Ordered To Be Well‘ evokes what has to be my favourite, and the slickest riff gracing ‘Created Sick‘; it is a menacing prospect of downtune terror that dances along the track, letting up for a few moments of well placed smashing breakdown – as if to give you a chance to soak up it’s venom, and give itself a little breather as of right. This riffs slows slightly towards the end allowing a hint of melody to seep through the onslaught of thunderous drumming seemingly at war with the crippling vocals that reek of dissonance.

Created Sick

Created Sick‘ is out now via Venn Records.

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