Gorillaz - 'Humanz'
The maddest, energetic, engaging Gorillaz album yet.
Originality 9.5
Lyrics 8.5
Replay Value 9.5
Instrumentation 9.5
We Liked...
  • The old-school Gorillaz vibes
  • The constant reinvention
  • The stellar list of guests
We Didn't Like...
  • How long it took to drop
9.3Overall Score
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The long awaited fifth studio album ‘Humanz’ by the Gorillaz with guest features from Popcaan, D.R.A.M., Anthony Hamilton, Mavis Staples, Pusha T, (and many more) has finally been unleashed on our anticipating eardrums.

With a planet going downhill, here is an album which can give us a sweet escape from the everyday doom and gloom of life.

This album is by far one of the most diverse albums quite possibly ever released. Incorporating Trap beats, messages of empowerment and sending forth strong relevant political messages.

‘Humanz’ is the first proper Gorillaz studio album since 2010’s Plastic Beach. The two cannot be compared. As every Gorillaz album feels like a product of its time. Albarn allegedly asked his collaborators to “imagine a night where everything that you believed was turned on its head.” these are the vibes you can expect to hear throughout the whole album.

Each song on the album tells a story and varies in genre massively, something the Gorillaz have always been quite frankly sick at. A great example of this skill is shown in ‘Submission (feat. Danny Brown & Kelela)’ which is Rap, R&B, ballad and indie disco tunes all in one.

Tracks on ‘Humanz’ explore the very dark realities of our world. However the message sent out is all about acceptance of being yourself & individual empowerment. That’s what the mysterious interludes on ‘Humanz’ are about.Facing your evils, daring to be different and being yourself in a world gone quite utterly mad. This is shown on the massive tracks such as ‘We Got The Power’ & ‘Ascension.’

‘Momentz’ & ‘Andromeda’ have some proper old skool Gorillaz vibes which will be exciting for any fan to tuck their ears into.

Even though this Gorillaz album does seem to feature every artist under the sun and varies in genre within song to song, what people will soon realise is, you need to see this as a giant mixtape that someone just gave you in Camden market. It’s a bit like Damon Albarn woke up and made a mixtape of his feels. Once you recognise this it is bound to blow you away.

This i feel will definitely be the Go-to album for new fans.

In essence the album ‘Humanz’ tells us all that we shouldn’t let anyone tell us what to do. A very very punk ethos, which isn’t at all surprising.

Looking forward to see what comes next from the gorillaz and how well the album catches on with the rest of the world.

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