Is it time to Panic!?
Interesting lyrics, in keeping with their evolution but with one song standing out against the other, and instrumentation that almost outshines the vocals
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Panic! At The Disco are back with a brand-new set of songs and tour dates and for those who have stuck with the band (and brand) it’s a bit of a tumultuous time. After losing drummers, guitarists, and bassists, the only real consistency in the line-up is Brendon Urie and his vocals. With the constant evolution in style between albums and slow decline in lyrical complexity, this new sound is as far removed from ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ as is possible. But, is that necessarily a bad thing?

The new album, titled ‘Pray For The Wicked’ was announced, with two songs debuted and a music video already uploaded online. Say Amen (Saturday Night) is a punchy mix of sounds that can best be described as the angsty love child of ‘Vices and Virtues’ and ‘Death of a Bachelor’. Whilst less complex in the lyrical department than songs on other albums, there is still the level of depth and storytelling that we expect from a band with as much experience as these guys. And the accompanying music video? Comedic and arrogant, tongue in cheek violent, and altogether in keeping with the style that Panic! has curated so well over their career.

And then there’s (Fuck A) Silver Lining. The song sounds a little mechanical and formulaic despite being in keeping with the V+V/DOAB combination. A self-congratulatory and somewhat obnoxious song, the instrumental aspect outshines the vocals. And when the vocalist is someone with a range like Urie, it’s hard not to be disappointed. The lyrics are repetitive and, if we’re being honest, a little lazy.

With more songs to come, we’re suspending judgement over here. Half of what we’ve seen is classic Panic! At The Disco and the other half? We’re not sure what it is. But this album promises to be different and another step in a new direction for the band, and we can’t wait to see where they’ll end up.

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