Kesha- Rainbow
Originality 7
Lyrics 8
Replay Value7
Overall Impact7.5
What we liked...
  • Great lyrics
  • Boisterous and ballsy vibe
  • Variety in songs
What we didn't like...
  • We had to wait so long for the album
7.1Overall Score
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My ash blonde hair hadn’t seen a hairbrush nor a straightening iron in weeks. The rough waves were made rougher with reams of hairspray, as I ran my fingers through my sticky locks to give it ‘volume’. I pulled on my favorite outfit that consisted of an off -white, distressed, t- shirt, a pair of black, laddered fishnet tights, and my prized possession, a pair of American flag print shorts. The whole look was finally completed with a dash of pillar-box red lipstick, and black kohl eyeliner, smudged slightly below my lower lash line, (to look extra edgy, of course). Aged thirteen, I thought I could almost pass as Kesha herself, as I sang along to Dinosaur in my bedroom mirror.


Without a doubt, I’d actually never looked worse. Until recently, I’d immense regret for my crazy Kesha phase (my hair certainly paid the price for it). However, the release of her comeback album almost had me rummaging through the wardrobes trying to find those flag print shorts again.

After a five year break since her last album release, Kesha’s Rainbow brings back all the absurdity you remember from Animal and Warrior, reflects upon the tribulations she’s recently suffered, and strives to pack a punch with masses of female liberation, all accompanied with a twangy country western undertones.


“Woman”, a simple yet fitting name for one of the albums opening tracks, truly encompasses the meaning and importance of being an independent woman. It’s brash, balsy and boisterous with blaring brass instruments that blast boldness. “Boots” continues evoking self assurance through a playful sense of sexual confidence. The country strings and Americana vibes intertwined with her recognisable cheeky pop style creates a veritably unique. Nothing screams Kesha more than “Bastards”. Another filthy, foul-mouthed song that she loves to churn out, yet with an impeccably meaningful message, “Don’t let the bastards get you down”. It’s clear, it’s catchy, its confident.


Confidence is a faithful theme throughout the entire album, even during “Praying”, a truly mature and honest account of her recent experiences. The song is filled with hair raisingly genuine lyrics. Her courage glows. The powerful weight of Kesha’s incredible vocals during this record doesn’t reveal an ounce of vulnerability, anger, or negativity. It’s about being tenacious and creating a better future for herself and everyone around her. It’s an especially different sounding song for Kesha, but a stunning sign of her journey and growth as a woman. It’s definitely a must listen on the album.


Rainbow is a perfectly fitting title and metaphor for this album. It’s about facing the dull and stormy days, and transforming them into something strengthy, positive, beautiful and fun. Although ditching the eyeliner and hairspray is probably a good call, there’s no doubt that Kesha remains, and continues to be, an inspiration and fearless role model for myself, and countless females of all ages.


By Beth Judge

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