Halloween is already in a couple of months, which means you can already start preparing. In addition to suitable music, sweets and decorations, it is worth thinking about what you can prepare for such a holiday. One of the main symbols of Halloween is the pumpkin head. To make it, you need to cut out all the insides of the pumpkin. I don't know what you are making of it, but I am making pumpkin puree. It is done quite quickly and easily. Especially if you have a pressure cooker. Also, this puree can be nicely served.

Lou Reed 2000‘: The brand new project from Runcorn rapaholic Lee Scott is now available on all good streaming platforms, after it was initially exclusively released on Lee’s bandcamp on 6th December.

Lou Reed 2000‘ is Lee’s sixth project of 2018, his latest solo release since the ‘Oh, The Fun We’re All Having‘ mixtape dropped back in April, and latest work since the collaborative ‘Hock Tu 3‘ with Reklews that landed in October. This project serves to round off what has been another prosperous year for the Blah Records rap maestro. Featuring guest spots from labelmate King Grubb on two tracks, an appearance from High Focus wordsmith Jam Baxter and a collaboration with US rapper Sadhu Gold, this latest effort is highly endorsed from the man himself, who considers it his favourite project:

Lou Reed 2000 is my favourite thing I’ve ever done laa, I listen to it and feel good. I think I can stop now, I didn’t know it until now but I think the only reason I kept making so much all the time was because I was trying to make this.

— LEE SCOTT (@tinfoilfronts) December 20, 2018

Stream the project here:


You can support the project directly and purchase it on bandcamp here: https://leescott.bandcamp.com/album/lou-reed-2000

Alternatively you can secure yourself a physical copy of the project by pre-ordering a limited edition vinyl from the Blah Records website: https://blahrecords.com/collections/vinyl/products/lee-scott-lou-reed-2000-12-vinyl-pre-order-shipping-from-11th-jan

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