The latest offering from the prolific Blah Records is one soaked in sweg, as Lee Scott takes turns with fellow Blah boys Milkavelli and Sniff rhyming slick over seven funky tracks courtesy of Sumgii. Out of the various flames and ashes caused by this highly appointed DVLGNG syndicate, rose the almighty concoction christened as the SUPERGANG EP.

As we’ve become accustomed to from most Blah Records projects, the SUPERGANG cover is dope (check out the full cover in all its glory below). As we’ve also become accustomed to, the project is of high quality and and strives to be unique. Across the seven tracks a listener is treated to a strong level of understanding between the rappers who play off each other cleverly and who’s distinctive vocal styles really compliment each other as they explore humorously tinted song topics like the Jobseekers anthem Yellow x Green and the modern phenomenon of self-snitching via social media on I CONFESS. Sumgii weaves his magic tying the parade of bars together with some cohesive and innovative beats that reek of swaggerful funk, perhaps none more so than Super Gang Unofficial Anthem which lays an eerie and cosmic vibe for the gang to waltz over.

Stream the SUPERGANG EP:

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