MSRY - Safety First EP Review
MSRY give you a glimpse of what they're all about on this short-but-sweet EP of bangers!
Replay Value8.4
We Liked...
  • The blend of styles!
  • Their infectious chaotic energy!
We Didn't Like...
  • How quickly the tape is over!
8Overall Score
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Concocting a blend of styles primarily including a slice of punk, lots of post-hardcore and metalcore, Oxford three piece MSRY prove they know how to make a racket of noise. For such a new band, they do this with a lot of precision and you would easily be forgiven for assuming they had been at this music business for a while with a couple of records under the belt.

This freshness combined with the level of adroitness wielded is what captivated me; this indicates that they are clearly a talented trio of musicians and are very headstrong about the sound they are producing and perfecting. Along with hearing some blatant influences of bands I am extremely fond of such as letlive. and Cancer Bats, While She Sleeps are also a notable imprint on their sound and to anyone who’s familiar with UK metalcore titans Architects, you will know exactly what influence of theirs I am referring to when I say they consistently incorporate an easy to detect Architects salute.

One thing that is severely unique and is set to make this band stand out, is that they have no bassist – yeah sure I know this does happen from time to time but it’s more the fact that you really do not notice the lack of bass at all; honestly I only know this from researching the group. Credit here is due to guitarist Charlie Bishop for honing the use of certain guitar tuning and tones that essentially mask what would otherwise be quite the gaping hole in their make-up and make the punches they emphatically pack simply fall flat.


Coming in at a digestible 18 minutes spanning over 5 songs, this EP provides a good snapshot of what MSRY can do and how they might potentially direct their sound in a more fleshed out, full length project which I will totally be keeping an eye out for and wishing the band luck with moving closer towards! The EP is loud and heavy, rather explosive, expect lots of tasty breakdowns and headbang worthy riffs, complemented by the shrieking vocals of Kial Churcher who reminded me of an English Liam Cormier on first listen!


Wasting no time at all with this opening track, MSRY lets the aggressive and metallic twinged chugging ride independently for a few seconds to almost lure you into a false sense of security or what to expect before you get abruptly slapped right in the chops as the equally angry drums join in and by the time Kial has begun to screech, you know you’re in the shit. Groovy as fuck and featuring multiple shifts in tempo, S.I.C.K. is for sure a great selection as the opener for it t̶e̶l̶l̶s̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶  beats into you exactly what these angsty gents are all about. Continuing to slow it down for hearty grooves and speeding up to increase the amps for the verse deliveries, it didn’t take me long at all to really enjoy this track.

Title track, ‘Safety First’ shows the group hit their most anthemic chords with a huge and quite catchy chorus that feels just as kick-ass as some of the breakdowns and will certainly be a singalong moment at live performances. Check it out:

If a barrage of unrelenting riffage and heavy-as-shit breakdowns are up your street and especially if you like these punctuated by some tones of punk, be sure to give this band a listen! One thing I would be intrigued to see is how well MSRY can deliver the chaotic and raw energy packed into these five tracks in a live capacity, especially considering the dynamic they have mustered being without a bassist.

The ‘Safety First’ EP is out now via The Noise Cartel and is available direct from MSRY‘s site here:

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