Ocean Wisdom - 'Wizville' album review
Ocean Wisdom sets his sights high and wider on impressive sophomore effort..
Replay Value8.1
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  • The signature Wizzy double-time delivery
  • The impressive feature spots
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  • Lack of High Focus features
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The opening bars of the album’s first track ‘Eye Contact’ read / sound like a mission statement of Wizzy’s intentions for the journey you as the avid listener are to endure as you travel through the emphatic ‘Wizville’, but also very much for his aspirations for successful music ascendancy as well as giving you a slight insight to where he’s currently at:

Advice, bruddah want advice
That’s pressure on my iris man, that’s pressure on my eyes
That’s pressure on my sinus, now there’s pressure on my mind
See I put pressure on my peers, that they put pressure on them diamonds

‘Eye Contact’ also sets the stage well in terms of what people who may be new to Ocean should expect; the speed of his eloquent delivery gradually increases as the track progresses until the two minutes and thirty seconds mark when he shifts at least three gears into a rapid fire pace that is in the least impressive, but doing this while retaining the strong pronunciation of every word he reels off is a demonstration of such inherent skills that are deservedly gaining Wizzy a lot of positive attention and has earned ‘Wizville’ a UK top forty spot on the album charts with first week sales; quite the feat indeed.

With a track-list totalling twenty one songs, you can’t claim Ocean doesn’t provide good value for money and whereas his glorious debut effort ‘Chaos 93’ was an immense display of his technical rapping ability and why he deserves a place in the library of realistically any fan of skilled rappers embracing and emphatically attacking well picked out and suitably crafted production that resulted in the album highlighting the talented beat conjuring potential of the notorious Dirty Dike, ‘Wizville’ attempts to prove the versatility Wizzy presents. The list of differing producers that were enlisted to create such alternating styles for this sophomore play a massive part and never miss a beat.

Ting Dun

The variety in the album is present and prevalent throughout as Ocean spits his trademark ridiculously fast machine gun delivery raps over traditional hip hop instrumentals, a la ‘Ting Dun’ ft. Method Man (Yes, Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan!) which has a very organic High Focus feel and twinges of classic RZA production and is a massive moment for the Wiz to have attracted such a monumental feature artist and of course Meth does not let the track down in the slightest.


Second track on the album, ‘Don’ sounds completely different as it is more of a garage / drum and bass vibrant and in-your-face amalgamation which Wizzy walks allover effortlessly and is a solid way of communicating the ambitions of the album – continuing the mission statement outlined in ‘Eye Contact’. Also it is evident after bumping this tune a couple times that Ocean is in quite a unique lane of being able to hop on such contrasting instrumentals and continuously do damage to them, let alone create a cohesively sounding album full of such practically juxtaposing productions, not to mention the distinctive features.


Which links nicely to the next diverse spot on the album – ‘Revvin” that feature UK grime pioneer and legend Dizzee Rascal himself: The beat comfortably fits into the category of a commonplace modern UK Rap type grime infused beat and sees Wizzy stand on equal footing with one of the UK’s most revered technical spitters, something Dizzee has been known for since his explosive 2003 debut ‘Boy In Da Corner’. Ocean coerces yours ears to pay attention without much trouble with the opening verse and leads gracefully to Raskit’s impressive and extremely well timed arrival on the tune as he drifts bouncily and effortlessly along the beat. This is one track that certainly won’t get old quickly!

‘Wizville’ can be interpreted as an album attempting to unite corners of the UK rap scene that would otherwise have and so far have been content staying in their respected lanes and not mingling together – this album shows the potential and may well serve as a gateway for more alternating rappers & styles to collaborate in such a manic and impressive fashion as is displayed here allover what can only be viewed as a solid sophomore effort from the Wiz, also a great moment for both himself and High Focus. Eyes are firmly glued for what is to come from these in the future!

‘Wizville’ was released on February 23rd via High Focus and is available everywhere now.


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