Remo Drive have had a busy couple of years since releasing their debut project GREATEST HITS in 2017, as brothers Erik and Stephen Paulson have become one of the most captivating acts in the indie rock scene. Merely a year later they were back at it again with their POP MUSIC EP and these two projects propelled the duo to tour around the world.

This time touring provided the Paulson brothers with lots of time to reflect on their journey so far, and who they wanted to be as a band – mainly they decided in this time what they didn’t want to be, and this clearer sense of identity is splayed out on new album Natural, Everyday Degradation.

Erik explains: “Our first record was so much fun because it felt like we were breaking out of a box, mostly our local music scene, but almost as soon as we did that, we started feeling constrained by where we found ourselves. We wanted to keep thinking outside the box and finding our own unique voice.”

Stream the new Remo Drive project Natural, Everyday Degradation:

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