REVIEW: Daughtry - Cage To Rattle
Whilst this record might split opinion among some fans with the poppy vibes, the traditional Daughtry vocals and guitar-rock riffs level it out
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Daughtry have released their 6th studio album ‘Cage to Rattle’ the former American Idol contestant has released records that have never been given the spotlight that they deserve and to me are considered some of the more underrated rock albums of the last few years. But how does ‘Cage to Rattle’ stand?

The opening track ‘Just Found Heaven’ is a ballad that relies heavily on a piano riff and a simple but effective guitar. While it is definitely a catchy song and has a sense of motivation especially in today’s society, other artists have done it better. This leads to the second track and the single of the album ‘Backbone.’ While it relies, again, on guitar and piano, this tracks’ catchy and poppy sound really helps the album, making you want to sway your head while listening to it. The third track ‘Deep End’ is another track that is filled with lyrics of hope and reaching towards the ones you love. The albums reliance on piano melodies and poppier sounds might deter fans who have invested so much in Daughtry in the past. The way the albums first three tracks are able to showcase Daughtry’s vocals with this more balladry sound, however, is effective.

‘’As You Are’ opens with an acoustic guitar strummed to fit with Daughtry’s vocals. It is later met with the electronic drums that continue the albums theme of a more pop oriented record which works really well,  and the soulful guitar that comes at the end compliments the track. ‘Death of Me’ is the fifth track on the album and halfway through the albums continues its reliance of the piano, however ‘Death of Me’ sounds like a record that an artist like The Weeknd would put up. ‘Bad Habits’ is another showcase of Daughtry’s incredible vocals that is layered with that pop sound that even halfway through is spread across the album.

‘Back in Time’ starts off with a guitar riff but a catchy synth is introduced and is helped by  Josh Paul’s basslines. When ‘Gravity’ hits, Daughtry and the guitar are both complimenting one another and this is where we hear both the rock oriented sound collide with the more pop friendly sound as we’ve heard throughout the entire album so far. ‘White Lies’ is the ninth track and this continues the fusion of rock and pop sounds colliding together, the guitar solo along with a funky rhythm section is a fresh and unique approach as the album is reaching its end. ‘White Flag’ concludes the album with the pop sound resuming when the first verse hits, until the chorus hits and a loud guitar sound hits and the two sounds blend to conclude the record.

Whilst this record might split opinion among some fans with the poppy vibes, the traditional Daughtry vocals and guitar-rock riffs level it out.

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