Seprevation - 'Echoes of Mercy'
Originality 7.4
Replay Value8
Instrumentation 8.4
Overall Impact8.1
What We Liked
  • Great Hooks
  • Fresh Take On The Old School
  • Excellent Musicianship
What We Didn't Like
  • Production Of The Drums
8Overall Score

‘Echoes Of Mercy’ is another raw and ferocious throwback from Bristol’s Seprevation, once again they take the pace of thrash and sounds from old school death metal bands to create a satisfyingly brutal E.P.

Reminiscent of Morbid Angel, their plethoras of riffs make for enthralling listening. The first tracks frantic start leads to a crunching mid tempo refrain of ‘Slaughterous’ that is instantaneously infectious and surely a mainstay in their set for the years to come. This is a record produced as though the band were playing live and live is where these songs will shine. The band clearly have a large pool of influence as well, sci fi obsessed Nocturnus’s presence is felt in several riffs throughout the release and Immolations unsettling pinch harmonics are used during the open riffs of ‘The Death Ethos’. The title track is pure Atheist levels of off kilter death metal madness with powerful Chuck Schuldiner sounding vocals from bass player Lluc Tupman during the twisting progressive standout track.

Thanks to the vastness of bands they are drawing from you’ll never feel that you are listening to a band pay lip service to their influencers, everything feels unique as though they are a band teleported to modern day from 1991. With excellently constructed songs and complete mastery of the genre, Seprevation promise a brilliant full length record next time out.

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