Skepta - 'Vicious'
Skepta takes a step back from the top spot with some off-beat collabs.
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We Liked...
  • A$AP Rocky and A$AP Nast’s contribution to Ghost Ride.
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  • Lil B and Section Boyz Collabs
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We go round-for-round, track-by-track with Skepta’s Vicious EP – is the pioneer of grime still top of the game?

Soothing electro-techy vibes open the album. in a similar vein to how Konnichiwa opened the 2016 album (Konnichiwa) with the same slow pace to ease the audience in before the album erupted into dirty grime beats. Skepta’s flow is flawless, a beautiful relationship between the beat and lyrics is velvety smooth. A really strong but chilled way to start the EP.

Sit Down (feat. Lil B)
Sit down is the second track on the EP and Lil B’s intro/hook is awful.

“Haters sit down, haters sit down, bitch shake your ass for the ballers in the crowd”

It’s annoying, it’s overly repetitive and ruins the track. Luckily Skepta is able to save the shambles that began to spiral out of control however when you think Skepta’s saved the day Lil B sticks his oar in again with his horrendous hook and second verse. This track couldn’t be any further from Skepta’s other quality material. Lil B’s contribution really does tarnish the talent that Skepta radiates.

No Security
I love how it opens with a slow beat which slowly builds before it drops into Skepta’s unstoppable verses. The build up is a key factor when it comes to grime music and it is a talent that Skepta’s perfected. His music is unpredictable and the beats, tones, sounds etc. (except his voice) are ever-changing meaning that he covers a range of different skills and styles in his music. Variance in pace makes the music exciting to listen to as one minute you’re hyped and the next you’re on a slow build before the drop.

Worst (feat. Section Boyz)
Once again the ‘supporting’ artists ruin the track, well some of them do. The beat is the same as that in ‘No Security’ which is strong and dominant but a few members of Section Boyz has brought absolutely nothing to the track. Sleeks’ hook is weak, repetitive and pure crap, it sounds like something a 17-year-old chav would come out with when he’s trying to merk another lad on a Tesco car-park on a Saturday night: “Fuck what you heard, my G’s are the worst”. No mate, your lyrics are the worst. There’s absolutely no display of musical talent at all from him. As for Littlez, Swift and Knine who do verse 1, 2 and 3, they bring nothing to the table. Their style of singing/rapping is weak and doesn’t fit with the tone of the track at all. Luckily by verse 4 (if you haven’t skipped the track already) Inch pulls the track out of the burning building it was in. Inch as a very similar style to that of General Levvy and it fits in flawlessly. Deepee also manages to keep this sinking sick afloat before Skepta finally comes and saves the track. Hopefully a collab between Skepta and Section Boyz won’t happen again…

Skepta released this track to promote the upcoming EP. When I first heard it I hated it and was very disappointed however once you listen to the lyrics in the track you realise that it’s a piece of art. This is the track that comes from the heart. These are the real thoughts from Skepta himself.

“Now look at the labels dying, nobody else is signing, we know the truth they’re hiding, see the plaques on my wall just shining, and I’ve already seen my death, we are the last ones left”

Nothing is more important in music than to be able to listen to their work and feel like you’ve connected with them. You’ve learnt something about them whether that be their past, their dreams or their thoughts. It takes a lot to voice your opinion publicly but to do it via music is an art form. It sticks in the audience’s heads, it makes them think. And this is what grimes all about.

Ghost Ride
Favourite track, hands down. A$AP Rocky hits the ball out of the park, and then some as he opens the first minute of the track. As soon as he starts spittin’ – heads gone. The beat itself is an art-form, there are various elements of electro-techy vibes that create a velvety smooth beat but A$AP Rocky’s finesse combined with the beat is breathtaking. The lyrics, unbelievable, the flow, unbelievable. And A$AP Nast and Skepta haven’t even come in yet. Skepta’s contribution seems effortless. There’s no stress in his voice, the talent and ability just oozes from him. A$AP Nast has a Lil’ Wayne style going on but surprisingly it works.
This track is 100% the best one on the album.


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