Tove Lo - 'BLUE LIPS'
Tove Lo is changing the way female artists sing about sex and relationships, and it sounds so good.
We liked..
  • The statement Tove Lo is making.
  • How much of an emotional rollercoaster the whole thing is.
We didn't like...
  • The fact 'bitches' was only two minutes long...
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When I put my headphones in and sat down to listen to BLUE LIPS for the first time,  I already knew I was going to like it. I just didn’t know how much exactly I was going to like it.

Tove Lo has putting out quality tracks for a while, whether they be break-up anthems like ‘Habits’ or dance tracks like ‘Cool Girl,’ Tove Lo can do it all. Therefore, I knew BLUE LIPS was going to be good.

What I didn’t anticipate, was how empowered it would make me feel.

With two chapters to the album, LIGHT BEAMS and PITCH BLACK, listening to it from start to end is every part as captivating as an audiobook. With the added bonus of Tove’s addicting voice.

The first chapter, LIGHT BEAMS, is everything I never knew I needed from a female artist… and more.

Hearing a girl sing about sex may not be as unheard of these days as a few years ago. But hearing it so openly, and without shame, is still quite rare.

Many female artists may thinly veil their more risqué lyrics  (Side to Side, anyone?) but Tove is throwing that rule straight out.

With the track Shivering Gold featuring lines like “Taking your body, I sit on your face, I see you smiling, covered in me, moving too fast now, but fuck it, we’re free” there’s no denying what this song is about. And it’s incredible.

BLUE LIPS is evening the score for women. Gone are the days where men openly sing about their sexual conquests and women have to hide it in cute metaphors, Tove is changing the game.

tove lo performing live

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

While the lyrics may not be something you’d sit down and listen to with your grandma, this doesn’t mean that the album is 44 minutes of pure, pointless filth.

The content may be X-Rated, but it’s wrapped up in an easily digestible, fun, synthpop package.

Bitches, is the perfect example of this. With lyrics such as “they can’t fake it, drying off the seat when they getting up to leave,” you’d think it would be an uncomfortable listen. But the insanely catchy beat and the power that Tove delivers these words with, leaves you unable to resist singing along.

The track could easily be double its length and still sound good. I’m 100% ready for this to become the queer anthem of the year.

During the second chapter of the album, PITCH BLACK, Tove sings out the downfall of a relationship.

Going from the upbeat highs of chapter one to downbeat, darker tunes like ‘romantics’  and ‘cycles‘ takes a genuine toll on the listener’s feelings.


One of the most incredible things about BLUE LIPS is its ability to tell you a story, and have you dancing, or mourning, at the relevant parts.

The closing track ‘hey you got drugs?’ is a powerful end to a powerful album, which sees Tove showcase her vocal talent.

What stands out the most is the insight the tune gives into the human mind during it’s lowest point… it is an unexpected twist when we were hearing about the couple’s rigorous sex life only a few songs back.

With the repeated lyrics “Hey, you got drugs? Just need a pick-me-up only for tonight” telling a story in itself, the emotional rollercoaster that BLUE LIPS takes us on is remarkable.

Tove Lo hasn’t just created her best album yet with BLUE LIPS, she has created one of the best albums of the year, and set a new direction for female artists everywhere. I’m more than excited to see what comes next.

Listen to BLUE LIPS here:


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