Weezer - Pacific Daydream
Weezer have once again taken an unimpressive and uninspiring detour. It's not quite 'Raditude' bad, but it's a significant step down from their most recent previous work.
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We Liked...
  • The fact that it's a unique addition to the Weezer back catalogue.
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  • It's lyrically and instrumentally uninspired.
  • 'QB Blitz' is absolutely the worst song we've heard this year.
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To say that consistency has never been a forte for Weezer would be a very large understatement. Ever since debut album ‘Weezer (Blue Album)’, band lead Rivers Cuomo has flipped between making records which aim to appeal to the wider pop audience, and records with a more experimental edge. During the mid-2000’s, with albums such as ‘Make Believe’ and ‘Raditude’, fans grew increasingly discontent with the bands output, and likewise Cuomo became increasingly outspoken against those disgruntled fans. Even among critics Weezer were becoming a bit of a joke, stumbling between albums with no clear direction, churning out content that was ever decreasing in quality.

Then in 2014, Weezer released ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’, their most acclaimed album since 1996’s ‘Pinkerton’. This was followed up with ‘Weezer (White Album)’, a surprisingly crisp and entertaining record with plenty of catchy power pop singles tinged with influence from The Beach Boys. Both releases harked back to the 90’s heyday of the band, and with the promise of an accompanying record to ‘Weezer (White Album)’ the following year things seemed to, finally, be moving in a good direction.

Naturally however, Weezer have retconned that decision and have released 11th album ‘Pacific Daydream’ instead. Early singles ‘Feels Like Summer’ and ‘Happy Hour’ were noted for a departure from the traditional power pop sound the band are known for and had revived with relative success on their previous two records. It seems clear that Rivers Cuomo’s time spent working in the pop world with Charli XCX on her album ‘Sucker’, and his recent admittance that he listens to Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits playlist on a regular basis, has influenced this latest tangent of an album. ‘Feels Like Summer’, released in March of this year, has the easy, breezy sound associated with plenty of indie pop bands including Imagine Dragons and Foster The People.



This first single signals the overall feel of ‘Pacific Daydream’; it’s an album which aims to create Weezer‘s most radio-friendly album to date and, although it does achieve this, it’s an extremely disappointing achievement to make. The extremely clean production really saps any energy out of these tracks, noticeable on the singles released to promote the album, but also on the vapid ‘Weekend Woman’ with it’s tinkling and ultimately ineffective glockenspiel elements. Even their ode to one of Rivers notable influences ‘Beach Boys’ is devoid of any real substance. Meanwhile, ‘QB Blitz’ is the absolute bottom of the barrel on this album, both lyrically (no one can say “All of my conversations die a painful death, you see / I can’t get anyone to do Algebra with me..” and “It’s hard to make real friends / My friends have lots of friends..” are signs of a well written song) and instrumentally.

The biggest crime this album makes overall is that it’s rather bland. Not one song provokes an emotional reaction, unlike even some of Weezer‘s throw away episodes during the mid-2000’s. It’s not quite ‘Raditude’ bad, but it’s a significant step down from their most recent previous work. Lets hope that the rumoured ‘Weezer (Black Album)’, the accompanying record for ‘Weezer (White Album)’, reverts back to their tried and tested geeky nostalgia.


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