Wiley - Godfather
It will definitely be a shame for Wiley to drop the mic and leave the scene be after such an amazing album but if he does at least he finished on a peak.
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The grime scene is growing quicker than the teen-birth rate in Dudley. Grime is coming at us from every angle thanks to the likes of Skepta, Devlin and obviously, Wiley.  It’s inescapable, with the likes of Stormzy steaming the charts grime is now being heard, listened to and adored all over the UK and even in America.

East London born back in the early 2000s, Grime music is the perfect combination of stilton cheese and Jacob’s crackers, in the music world – it’s electro-tech and jungle garage beats with hip-hop and rap verses are the next big thing. For the past 15 years it’s been hidden deep underground like that WW2 bomb found in the Thames a few months ago – non-existent and completely unnoticed by the nation however since 2005 BBK have been the front-runners in the scene.

BBK (Boy Better Know) were founded back in 2005 by Skepta and JME and since then have expanded to Wiley, Solo 45, Jammer, Frisko, Shorty, DJ Maximum and newest addition, American rap artist, Drake. Their first single – Too Many Men was released in 2009 and since then the scene has expanded to the likes of Tempa T, Lethal Bizzle, Fekky, General Levvy etc. but until 2015/2016 the genre was still ignored by the mainstream bar the odd artist. However, in 2015 it began to expand and grow into what it is today. Stormzy made history with his album Gang, Signs & Prayer reaching UK Number 1 making him the most successful grime artist to date. Last year Skepta’s album, Konnichiwa peaked at second place in the UK album charts so grime is definitely on the rise.

Now, Wiley’s new album – INCREDIBLE. After the release of the 3 singles he’s released fans were very skepta-cal (get it, Skepta) about the album as it’s Wiley’s eleventh and final album and after the success of his best album, The Ascent, the pressure was on to out-do himself and make grime known. Safe to say he delivered and really has come ‘Back With A Banger.’ The album features numerous collaborations with many grime MC’s such as JME, Devlin, Skepta etc. as well as songs featuring just himself and the beats, the album really is faultless. The dirty electro-synth beats flow throughout the whole album making it feel almost criminal to be listening to it yet the synthesisers in the background create a church music kinda vibe which is suitable, considering the album’s titled Godfather.

The album explores the music business with tracks about music making money, selling out, but also how he’s stayed true to himself and his East London roots. Considering he was up there with BBK as the front-runners of grime music back in the day it’s rewarding to see him (and Skepta) getting the recognition he deserves after all these years. Wiley’s known for his monotone voice and lack of change in pitch but honestly, he doesn’t need it. His pace and the lyrics are untouchable and this album is definitely a high to finish on – if he turns his back on grime after the success of the album that is. The album surpassed his best selling album, The Ascent, and peaked at number 9 in the UK Official Album Charts which is definitely deserved.

Tracks such as Joe Bloggs, Lucid and On This are something you can’t afford to miss – Wiley really has set the bar high. The collabs with other MC’s allow them to complement each other with their different styles, bars and paces making every song different and unpredictable.

It will definitely be a shame for Wiley to drop the mic and leave the scene be after such an amazing album but if he does at least he finished on a peak.

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