October is drawing to a close. That can only mean one thing… no, we aren’t talking about Christmas.

Halloween is nearly upon us!

If you’re already excited for the monster-filled madness, great! You’re going to love this article.

However, if you’re one of those people that think witches, pumpkins and ghouls are for kids, then we are about to change your life.

It may be frowned upon to go knocking on stranger’s doors, dressed like Frankenstein and collecting candy at this age, but that doesn’t mean that Halloween is over for you.

Here at Bloggers Gamut we believe that you’re never too old to get a little spooky.

So grab your fake blood, whack on your witches hat and get ready to paint the town black. Here are the top ten songs to get you in the spooky spirit!

brendon urie


10. This Is Halloween – Panic! At The Disco

Is there a more appropriate song to kick this ghastly playlist off? We think not.

Originally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a film with skeletons, and monsters all living in a town called Halloween Town, there is no spooky cliché left unturned.

Sure, it may not be P!atd’s own song, but Brendon Urie’s voice was made for something this theatrical… and the instrumental is just as haunting

Plus, it is still a little scary to think about monsters ‘hiding under your bed…’

Spookiest lyric:

“Pumpkins scream in the dead of night”… obviously.

the specials

9. Ghost Town – The Specials.

Speaking of haunting, what would a Halloween playlist be without a ghost or two? We have done even better than that and added a whole town of them.

While the song may not be about ACTUAL ghosts, it does make quite a political statement, and in adult life is there anything scarier?!

Howling wind, vocals with a ton of echo, slightly demonic chants and chattering… this song was an obvious choice.

If you don’t feel a little more ghoulish after listening to it, you’re lying.

Spookiest lyric:

“Why must the youth fight against themselves?”

Marilyn manson
8. Say10 – Marilyn Manson

We could have whacked his cover of This Is Halloween on the list, but Manson has much, much scarier songs to choose from. In fairness, all ten of these tracks could’ve come from just one of his albums.

Besides having a music video that resembles a disturbing horror film, everything about the song is scary.

I mean, the title is a play on the word Satan… anyone who makes puns about the devil is worthy of a Halloween list, surely?

Spookiest lyric:

“My goat horns are napalm trees, and a crown of thorns is hard to swallow…” need I say more?

the misfits
7. Skulls – Misfits

Skulls are spooky. Demented serial killers are downright scary.

This song has both.

If you ever wanted to sit and think about your face being turned inside out, a quick listen of this song can do that for you.

Spookiest lyric:

“Hack the heads off little girls and put ’em on my wall..” jeez.


6. Dracula’s Wedding – OutKast

You probably think a love song would be out of place on a playlist of spooky tracks, right?

Well, a love song about Dracula wouldn’t be, and that is exactly what this is.

After all, the only thing scarier than a vampire, is a couple of vampires.

Spookiest lyric:

“You only live once…well, not in our case…Cause we live forever”

my chemical romance

5. Cemetery Drive – My Chemical Romance

Since Frank Iero’s birthday is Halloween, and he has even got it tattooed across his hands, it’d be rude to exclude My Chem from the list.

There were a lot of viable options from the MCR discography, The Black Parade is a whole album about death after all.

However, cemeteries and zombies are classic material, which means that Cemetery Drive takes the halfway spot on our list.

Spookiest lyric:

“This night, walk the dead, in a solitary style”
the cure

4. Lullaby – The Cure

This song is basically a horror story in musical form.

If you weren’t scared of spiders before, then the mental image of a spider-man crawling into your bed and eating you for dinner is going to make sure that you are from now on.

Spookiest lyric:

“And I feel like I’m being eaten, by a thousand million shivering furry holes…” just no.

rob zombie

3. Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie

Halloween could be renamed “Rob Zombie Day” and nothing about it would change.

Spookiest lyric:

“Blood on her skin, dripping with sin”

michael jackson

2. Thriller – Michael Jackson

If you didn’t expect to see this song on a Halloween list, you need to sit down and have a good hard think about your priorities.

This song is what Halloween is all about. The music video, the beat, the lyrics, it’s a spooky masterpiece.

It may seem cliché, but that is just because it is a classic.

Spookiest lyric:

All of them, but if we had to pick…
“You start to freeze, as horror looks you right between your eyes, you’re paralyzed”

bobby boris

1. Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett.

Zombies, the wolf man, Dracula… they’re all here.

Who said monsters can’t be fun? Don’t deny, you love it.

Spookiest lyric:

“When my eyes beheld an eerie sight, for my monster from his slab began to rise…”
So, there you have it. Check out our Halloween playlist here… if you can handle it:

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