Megadeth headline what has been an excellent final day. Almost every band is totally unique to one and other, a triumphant display of how diverse Bloodstock has become. Can Skindred get everybody on side, will Venom Prison conquer one their biggest stages yet and can Mustaine deliver a knockout blow to our other headliners?

Broken Teeth:

Manchester’s rising Hardcore stars wake Bloodstock up, with a sound reminiscent of the great Madball. Brutish breakdowns pummel the crowd as the group play what is a very impressive set.

Venom Prison:

Late additions to the bill, they are the most talked about young extreme band in the U.K. Taking no prisoners with their bludgeoning mixture of death metal and the heaviest ends of hardcore, Venom Prison are in incredible form. Bolt Thrower like guitar hooks offer respite from the bombarding blast beats and Larissa’s harrowing vocals demolish the audience as the band play the very best picks form their stunning debut ‘Abysmal Agony’. Barely taking a moment to talk to the crowd, this is a seriously driven collective. The sheer volume of great riffs in this setlist is intimidating. If they continue producing outstanding performances like this then you can expect Venom Prison to rise up the bill in the years to come.


Arguably the band who started death metal as we know it with 1985’s ‘Seven Churches’, Possessed do more than enough to hold their own against their younger counterparts. It’s fantastic to see them get a great reception with old school death metal fans being treated to a lesson in brutality. An honest and energetic performance from wheel chair bound frontman Jeff Becerra is great to see. Being the only original member of the band he is given revered respect by the audience. Possessed have proven that they are still a force in the Extreme Metal world with an excellent show.


Easily the least metal band on the bill, the London three piece take to the Sophie Lancaster Stage to positive applause from a good proportion of festival goers, eager to see how they hold up live. Their sound consisting of big riffs, delicate vocals and catchy chorus’s, acts as the perfect break from the weekends extremities. A glorious rock performance with solo’s that invoke Rivers Cuomo’s trademark melodic structures, this is a band simply having fun and that are hopefully on the rise.


Jonathan Tardy and co put on a brilliant death metal show, with classics from 1989’s ‘Slowly We Rot’ sending the pit into chaos. They draw a huge crowd and rightly so. Their new songs, namely ‘A Thousand Ways To Die’ get excellent responses and they are clearly thrilled to be back at the festival. ‘Chopped In Half’ incites all manner of craziness with its opening stomp, as Obituary play at their very best.


It’s coming to the end of the weekend, we’re all tired, missing our beds and in need of some sort of Spa treatment. Once Darth Vader walks on stage however all prior gripes go out of the window, when Skindred take to the stage. The Welsh hero Benji Webb and his band draw a headline crowd and with the field in the palm of his hand Benji is a dangerous man. Skanking, hip hop and nu metal tinged riffs take front and centre at Britons most metal of open air festivals for the first time ever. ‘Pressure’ and ‘Ratrace’ are as fun as ever, choice cuts like ‘Kill The Power’ from their later material go down a treat as well. Taking time to slow things down to talk about a fallen friend and the fragility of life before playing an ode to the memories of lost friends, with Mikey accompanying him on acoustic guitar, the group create a reflective mood amongst the field. Picking things up again with brilliantly fun new track ‘Machine’, violence inducing ‘Nobody’ and Newport Helicopter favourite ‘Warning’, Skindred decimate Bloodstock.

Arch Enemy:

Much like Kreator, Arch Enemy are here to put on a show and stake a claim as a headline act and while they can’t quite top Skindreds performance, they do a great job of displaying their current sound with stomping anthems projected by the highly impressive Alissa White-Gulz. The pyro is back once again to awesome effect whilst Michael Amott and Jeff Loomis provide absolute Dad guitar lunacy performing as though they were playing in a Death Metal Thin Lizzy all throughout the set. ‘My Apocalypse’ and ‘Nemesis’ from 2005’s ‘Doomsday Machine’ are predictably the crowning moments of the set, 2014’s ‘War Eternal’ is similarly well received however. A solid effort from the experienced metal heroes and one that is amongst the best of the weekend.


The headliner the majority of the punters have been waiting for since it was announced and one of the most legendary acts in heavy metal history, Megadeth put on an awesome display of musicality, picking out many of their greatest hits. Starting with ‘Hanger 18’ Dave Mustaine pummels Bloodstock with hit after hit, he only stops to say that he ‘thought the crowd would rather he played than talked’, in what was a ferocious set. It was a mixed performance from the legendary frontman however, persistent vocal troubles hampered a large amount of the fields enjoyment, it would be wrong to say that this a great show as at the times the vocals really suffered. At the front the vocals were less prominent and the atmosphere was in full party mode. The 4 songs from last years ‘Dystopia’ went down well considering they’re up against some of the best songs ever written, but still pale into comparison to their earlier hits. ‘Wake Up Dead’ causes bedlam and ‘Tornado of Souls’ is as ever pure guitar porn. Choice cuts ‘She Wolf’ and ‘Mechanix’ give old school fans a rare treat. The video projections behind the band helps to give added presence and identity to each song, this is especially true during ‘Symphony Of Destruction’ and ‘Peace Sells’ with their typically infectious political quips further exemplified. Vic Rattlehead even comes out to taunt Dave and the band. Ending with ‘Holy Wars…’ the band played some their very best songs.It wasn’t perfect by any means but by God it was fun, the perfect end to a flawless weekend.

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