What do a Gorilla, a robot and a Mexican wrestler have in common? In all honesty. I have no idea. What I can say is that when you get these three in a room together, you’ve got one hell of a party.

Hold on a sec, who the fuck are Gorillabot?

Gorillabot are a costume clad trio who are about to take the Birmingham music scene by storm with their unique funk-rock sound. Fronting the band, you have Ben Bot, an all singing, all dancing (literally), guitar wielding robot. Dressed in a high viz vest and what appear to be chef’s trousers, Ben bot is straight out of a Frank Zappa inspired wet dream. Slapping the bass, we have El Bajhol, a Mexican wrestler bringing bass riffs thicker than Kim Kardashians ass. And lastly, we have J’Rilla, raining down beats like it’s monsoon season.

Last Friday saw Gorillabot take to the stage at Moseley’s Dark Horse, for the release of their début EP ‘Malware’

Setting the scene as support for the band were The Bank Accounts. Spearheaded by Ben Kane, who’s lyrics could soundtrack every instance of unrequited love I’ve experienced in my short 22 years of existence. Their music possesses a unique candid charm with a no frills edge.

Gorillabot took to the stage and opened the floodgates to a new brand of organised chaos. The upstairs venue at the Dark Horse vibrated to their groove heavy sounds as the band hurtled through tracks such as Malware, and the crowd, which had become a sea of dancing bodies, were more than happy to get involved during sing along favourite Chimp. With a story telling song writing style, Gorillabot invite you into their world offering a welcome break from the mundanities of reality. I’m Just A Robot tells the tale of a robot landing on earth and trying to keep a human as a pet, it’s songs like this that will cleanse your pallet if you’re looking to take a break from the usual love lost indie serenades that can be found under any rock in Birmingham.

Plastic balls and inflatables bobbed around the room making it feel as though you were just as much a part of the show. From props to synchronised dance routines it could be said that a night with Gorillabot is more of an experience than simply a gig.


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