There is no doubt that Lana Del Rey has emerged as one of the most unique and interesting artist of the current decade. Holding controversial opinions during her debut and doubts of authenticity, four studio albums later and Del Rey has cultivated a rose tinted love story with an incredible fanbase sailing out to her siren calls.

Nobody could deny the incredible fan reaction as Del Rey performed at Echo Arena on Tuesday 22nd as soon as Lana sang her first song, “Body Electric”, the huge crowd sang every keyword and the chorus with Del Rey, and sometimes for her as many times throughout the night she put her microphone out to the crowd and they gave her the next word or two.

Lana performed a very small set in contrast to other pop artists touring at the moment. With no supporting act or encore, Del Rey herself only really sang for around 70 minutes. However Del Rey’s voice for each number sounded tremendous, she appears much more confident on the stage and was able to really give her all to each song without hiding away from the microphone with sways or a cigarette break.

Del Rey truly held her own during the show, a startling contrast to her much discussed Saturday Night Live performance back in 2012. Lana felt totally safe and at ease with the stage and her audience. With “Del Rey” in neon lights above her and various images of the 50’s and 60’s, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, all playing into the dreamy nostalgic image that comes with Lana’s words.

With a back catalogue of four albums, Lana performed songs from all LPs. Towards the end of the set Lana even sang “Yayo” with just her guitar as an instrument. This was a spellbinding rendition that everyone fell silent for, after singing along to every other song. Lana cut this performance short that appeared to be because of nerves. She also sang, “Love”, from her recent LP, a cappella however this was also cut short. Del Rey also spent time going down to the front audience signing items and taking pictures.

With no encore, Lana quickly left the stage to let her band play out. However the atmosphere in the arena and the unity between Lana and the people listening to her was a complete out of body experience. Lana Del Rey has come a long way in terms of performance skills, and the fans know this. With a world tour already announced it felt like this was only a sneak peak of what Lana has to offer the stage and with the clearly large fanbase she has, if you are a fan you should get a ticket as soon as possible. This is an artist who is continuously growing who doesn’t just ride anymore but is finally feeling free.

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