If Manchester feels a little darker and a little more electric tonight, then that is probably because it is.

The synthmaster Perturbator is bringing his dystopian, emotional latest EP New Model to the north of England and honestly, I’m not sure this city will ever be the same afterwards.

But whether that is for better or worse, I’m undecided. The dark, foreshadowing of the future could either open our eyes to what is in store for the world, or we could just ignore it and enjoy the quality tunes that are sure to be provided. Either way, Manchester is in for a treat.

New Model is powerful and thought provoking, to say the least, and while the thoughts it provokes may not be happy ones, they are undeniably raw and real. And this has not gone unnoticed. Perturbator is getting a lot of attention recently, with a slot at Download Festival and an ever growing fanbase, there is already a lot of hype growing around him.

This hype, and a city as down-for-anything as Manchester, means that tonight is indeed a night that promises to deliver. Although, what exactly it will be delivering I am yet to find out.

Manchester might be ready for the Parisian artists older ever so slightly lighter releases such as Disco Inferno, but it might need to prepare itself for the Parisian artists new, dark, downbeat anthems like Tactical Precision Disarray. Even the name is exciting…

Watch this space for our review of the night, it is sure to be one you don’t want to miss.

Catch Perturbator as he hits the UK tonight or tomorrow:

Fri 17 Nov
Club Academy, Manchester, UK
Sat 18 Nov
Queen Margaret Union (QMU), Glasgow, UK

Featured Image Credit: Metastazis

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