Not many bands who are 35 years old can manage to sell out Wembley but The Stone Roses did it. And they didn’t disappoint.

The Roses are iconic, there’s no disputing it. They have inspired and educated numerous artists since the success of their self-titled debut album release in 1989 and are still inspiring people today. They were the front runners with Oasis and Blur throughout the 90s but sadly their second album, Second Coming, wasn’t as successful.
When the band split in 1996 hearts broke. It didn’t seem like there was any way back for the band but luckily, there was.

Saturday, June 17th. Roses sold out Wembley Stadium after performing a few concerts last year at Manchester’s Ethiad Stadium and clearly left fans wanting more. And rightly so.

Support acts by The G.O.D., Sleaford Mods and the band of the moment Blossoms got the crowd pumped and excited for the night ahead. At 8.50pm, it began. As soon as Brown walked onto the stage he beamed excitement, happiness and gratitude, this was a gig for the fans.

Squire, Mani and Reni also greeted the crowd and within seconds the infamous beat of I Wanna Be Adored rung out, Brown had his infamous cymbals in hand whilst swaggering around the stage. Fans jumped out their seats and the crowd was a sea of dad-dancing and pyro. Flares lit up the stadium as Brown performed the anthem just like he did at Woodstock 30 years ago. His voice hasn’t aged, neither has the talent of John Squire.

Crowd favourites such as Sally Cinnamon, Fools Gold and I Am The Resurrection were flawless, the band captured the rawness and beauty in every note as they performed to the thousands who had attended to see them.

The band played a good variation of tracks from Second Coming such as Breaking into Heaven and Love Spreads which were phenomenal.

Waterfall back to back with Don’t Stop live is breathtaking, the beauty of the tracks are indescribable and the fans loved it.

Love Spreads, Made of Stone and She Bangs the Drums one after the other ensured that the fans were having the night of their lives. The whole stadium was moving.

John Squire is an inspirational to all musicians/music fans. At the age of 54 most men have started to play golf and go for afternoon tea but Squire still plays like a nineteen year old. His riffs and swiftness on the guitar seemed effortless. He is a born natural.

Reni’s drum solo during Fool’s Gold was breathtaking. 5 minutes of pure passion, madness and talent came from the drummer. It was amazing that his wrists didn’t snap, he was simply amazing.

For the duration of the gig Brown oozed swagger, charm and charisma. It felt like the band were in their prime, not thirty years old. They were faultless.

Decades on and a band are still as breathtaking as they were thirty years ago and that takes a lot to beat. Hence why they aren’t and why they’re still one of the best British bands on the planet.

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