If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if you smashed a bunch of genres together in the 60’s and then recreated it in the year 3000, you’re in luck, that is EXACTLY what The Brood sound like… and spoiler, it’s amazing.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia the band are making music which sounds so unique that when we heard about it all the way over here, we just had to pick their brains on the method behind the madness and find out what they’re up to. Here is how it went down…

Firstly, what inspired you to get the band together and start making music?

Years ago I had made a record on my own. My friends Billy and Siobhan and Joel played some shows with me live. Over time we kept playing songs from that record, and then began writing new music together. Eventually Matt Gallant entered the fold and Joel went on to other things. The four of us have been working on music and playing together since – about 5 years now. All of us share a love of a lot of music and also have our own distinct tastes.

Your sound is incredibly different to what a lot of bands are making today, how would you describe it to someone who had never heard it?

If I were to describe The Brood’s music to someone who had not heard it, I might say….

The Brood is a group of time-travelling, genre-bending millennials who are trying to give you the buzz you think your parents had when they went out to dance.

Basically a mix of lots of music and influences from Genesis to Parliament, some punk, old video game music, soundtrack music, and presented live with the nonchalant ethos of The Grateful Dead. Sound pretentious? A little bit but it’s a lot of fun to play.

With such a unique sound, are there any musicians you think you would like to collaborate with who’s sound would compliment your own?

If Phil Collins is still out of retirement, maybe he’d be down for some collaboration.

What influences you when making your music, whether this is other musicians, films or your own life events?

All those things – other musicians, films, life events – they influence the songs and the improvisations. Also we have played together a lot over the years, so we have influenced each other in our playing

Tracks like Chicken, Cheese & Beer are full of energy and seem like they’d be a blast play live, do you keep this in mind when writing or is it just a bonus?

We tend to consider how a song will go down live when we’re making it. But the structure of the songs are malleable – depending on how we feel or the occasion, we can change it.

What is the story behind that track by the way?

Chicken, Cheese & Beer was inspired by going out for a night on the town, indulging in terrible things, feeling bad the next day, and doing it all over again.

Is there anywhere you’re especially keen to take your live performance, whether this is certain cities or festivals?

Right now we are booking tours in the United States. We really want to play as much as possible, and it’s close enough that we can hop in the van and play to lots of people there.

Ideally, we will be able to come back to Europe and tour there soon. There are countless festivals we’d like to go to. It’d be amazing to play  POP Montreal in Canada, Mountain Jam in the US and The Great Escape in the UK.

What is the music scene like in Halifax, is there any challenges you face or anything you particularly like about it?

The music scene is Halifax is great. There are lots of musicians, everyone pretty much knows one another. One challenge is that it is far from a lot of major cities.

Is there a message you’re keen to get across in your music?

There is no message we are trying to get across. The listener always finds their own message in the music.

Finally, what are your goals for 2019? Is there anything exciting lined up or anything you are eager to achieve?

We’re aiming to make 2019 a big year. We will be putting out a new record, and touring throughout Canada and the US.

Something tells us this will be a big year…

Listen to Transistor here:

Featured Image Credit – The Brood twitter

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