With a sound as naturally grungy, vintage and captivating as Vrillon’s, you can’t help but to sit back and take note of what they are saying.

Their new song Wizard, blasted out last month, bringing with it nostalgia and a wave of optimism. And we’ve had it on repeat ever since. As the band have a whole hoard of new tracks lined-up to be released via the platform Evershare in 2019, we predict it is going to be a huge year for the Bath-based boys.

That is why we just had to get in touch and find out more, before they embark on this wild ride. Here is what they had to say…

Firstly, what drew you to starting a band?

We started out by just playing guitars with each other at school for fun but then decided that we could actually be productive and form a band, so that’s how it all started.

Your music has a distinctive grungy feel to it, was this intentional or does it just come naturally?

When writing our songs we just do what comes naturally. We don’t usually plan anything it just kinda happens I guess.What are your musical influences – whether this be other musicians, films or just your own life?

That’s a hard question as anything and everything inspires us. Everything we write is just one big sludge-full of whatever inspires us at the time which can be anything. However at this moment in time, I (Will) am trying very hard to rip off Protomartyr as their songs are just too cool.

Your new song Wizard puts a positive spin on what the media is portraying as a pretty dark time, is this going to be a common theme in your music (positivity)?

To be honest I’m not very good at writing positive songs, Wizard was a bit of a fluke! Also, I don’t think we really have a ‘theme’ or a particular style in our music yet as we’re still trying to find our true style. That is why I would say our songs can be perceived as either positive or dark at the same time.

You’ve played a few shows this year, is there anywhere you are raring to play next year, whether this be cities or festivals?

We would love to explore venues in other cities like London or Birmingham for example because we’d love to see how fresh ears take to our music. And with festivals we want to try and play as many we can,  it seems like great fun!

Is there anything else you’d like to achieve in 2019?

We’d love to get on to a top radio station like BBC 6 for example. I’d say that’s a big goal for us in the coming year.

Finally, did you manage to answer this really tough question….

eating beans at the cinema?
Unfortunately not, Odeon have clamped down on their bean eating policy. It’s a dark time for Britain…
It certainly is, Vrillon, it certainly is… 

Listen to Wizard below

Featured Image Credit – Vrillon Wizard Album Art

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