After they had characteristically laid waste to the Impericon Stage with their early in the day set at Slam Dunk North, BG sat down with a jetlagged and tired Bryan Garris to discuss Slam Dunk, touring and the recently announced upcoming sophomore Knocked Loose album! Here is what Bryan had to say:


Welcome to Slam Dunk! Is this your first time playing the festival?

Yeah it is!

You guys excited to be here?

Yeah very excited, we always heard good things about this festival.

How do you feel the set went?

It was awesome yeah! We had a couple of technical difficulties but that doesn’t matter – the set was great, people seemed to enjoy it. A lot of people watched us!

It was packed! I struggled to get in the tent to see you – definitely a good sign!
So are there any bands here today you’re excited to watch yourself?

I was excited to see Turnstile, and to be honest I don’t remember a lot of the bands that are playing – it’s so hard to remember all of them! But I see Boston Manor sitting behind you; they’re playing today and I’m excited to see them!

They’ve already played! They were so good!

Oh no, I missed it! But yeah I love that band, I’m just gonna float around [today].

How are you feeling about going on tour with Boston Manor and A Day to Remember?

Yeah I’m very excited, we did Warped Tour with Boston Manor and they’re the kinda band that I didn’t really see our bands touring together much, so at the end of Warped Tour we all said our goodbyes not knowing when we’d see each other again. So this opportunity for us to tour together again is, exciting!

Absolutely! So Knocked Loose have become quite synonymous with having some pretty crazy mosh pits at their performances – almost every time you have a gig, there’s an accompanying viral video of just brutality in the pits, when you guys aren’t playing and are watching other bands are you just the same in the pit going crazy or do you like to chill?

Sometimes – Isaac does, our guitar player, he moshes a lot. For me it just depends, some bands yeah I’ll go out there for, it’s like a special occasion!

You’ve just announced the new album A Different Shade of Blue, how did you approach this album differently than you did with Laugh Tracks?

I think we just try to be more consistent within our vibe, we tried to really tune into what we wanted to be and keep things that way consistently. We tried to be more creative and pull from some different influences, but it always ends up being the same thing – just heavy, which is what we really enjoy playing.

You’ve stated that the lyrics are a bit more personal on this album, was that a conscious decision?

Yes and no, I always want my lyrics to be that way and I want them to be personal, but on the other hand I didn’t expect writing to go the way that it did, but I’m glad that it did you know.

Can you talk us through what the title refers to and the album artwork for it?

Yeah so, the name A Different Shade of Blue is something that came to me a long time ago and it’s like the cover of Laugh Tracks is blue, and the cover of the Mistakes Like Fractures 7″ is blue so it’s a bit like, for one it’s a theme like that and two it means like sad or whatever so it’s also a play on that like it’s a different look into my personal life – yeah that’s basically it.
Album art wise, it was something that I worked on with my friend who plays in the band Lifes Question, he designed the album art and the layout and stuff and me and him went back and forth for a very very long time trying to figure out like which direction we wanted to go with it. I knew that I wanted the song names on the front, and just have like a old jazz or country vibe to the album art and I think he did a great job of capturing that.

Do you guys have any upcoming plans for a UK tour?

Nothing we can talk about right now! However it’s definitely on the priority list as we love coming to the UK so it’ll definitely happen!


Knocked Loose’s sophomore album A Different Shade of Blue is set for release on 23rd August via Pure Noise Records.

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