The UK has a wealth of talented, noisy and unrelenting bands all scratching at the surface right now, and God Complex be just that. After being really impressed with the new ‘Created Sick‘ EP from Merseyside hardcore outfit God Complex (which you can read my review of here), I was really excited to learn they were soon in my neck of the woods, playing at The Victoria in Birmingham. Having been quite taken with the project and foreseeing lots of positive things for the band, I was also quite eager to secure an interview with the chaps making such a racket to discuss the project – and that is exactly what I did!



What were your intentions with the Created Sick EP?

Kyle: It was pretty straight forward with us, we just wanted to release some of the heaviest music the UK’s got to offer you know. We want to just be the heaviest thing going in the country at the moment, so this project is a statement of intent.

Harry: Everytime anyone comes to a gig that we’re playing, we want to be the heaviest act on that bill – we strive to be that.

Your brand of hardcore is very direct, its very in your face, what’s something you hope people will take from listening?

Kyle: A big thing with the stuff we have written so far is that a lot of our music stems around anger, specifically anger towards humanity in general whether it be on more of a global scale or looking more personally at things people might be able to relate to – we want our music to be a catharsis for people. Something that people can be glad there’s other people angry about the same things you know. We aren’t a political band at all but if there are topics we are passionate about, we will write about them.

Who or what would you say is guilty of having the biggest god complex in modern society?

Kyle: We’ve touched on a few people but I think it’s hard to pinpoint the one you know, we’ve written a lot about organised religion, how the world is depleting natural resources and such content.

Harry: Our name God Complex isn’t so because we’re trying to pinpoint people who have such a complex and take the piss out of them, rather we understand there are a lot of people in the UK government currently who think they have more of a statement to make than other people and you have this entire class of people who think they’re ‘in charge’ – when there is, especially in the UK less than 10% of the population owning more than 90% of the national wealth they think they can be in charge with what’s going on. Which is just wrong and we want to express that.

Do you think many people suffer from having a god complex these days?

Kyle: Yeah, unfortunately there are a lot of people like that but there is a lot of good in the world, a lot of people just need to be brought back down to Earth. Sometimes we feel our music can be that kind of statement, where we can be a voice for people.

It’s always a good platform to use to get across that kind of message:

Kyle: Yeah definitely, music’s always a solid platform for that kind of stuff. If any artist is passionate about something they can get it across well in their music.

The content of Created Sick deals with a lot of prominent modern day issues, what are some of the things you feel strongest about?

Kyle: Some of the songs are on more of a personal level, like ‘Slumlord‘ which Harry wrote as a result of going through a few things himself to do with the rental trap.

Harry: I got into a house; paid my deposit fee, administration fee and the first month’s rent up front. They said it would be at least two years I’d have the house for which is sound, then after six months which is technically the legal miminum amount of time they have to let us rent, they kicked us out. We paid for nine months of accommodation when really we only got five and a half months and legally had no recourse, no ground to stand on. They fucked us over – that’s just what they do. We were renting at the absolute minimum amount you can do and because of that, flat owners and landlords that thrive off that lower income level of letting will make the most money off the least earning people. Just because they could, and they then sold the house – every year property increases in value so what they do is rent it for five years and sell it again in a continuing cycle; they are pieces of shit those people.

Kyle: There’s obviously a lot of people who go through similar things so you see we want to make music we feel other people can latch on to and relate to, letting them release their anger in a healthy way.

On that note, what in your eyes could be done to try and change these things?

Harry: We’re not politicians man!

Kyle: We don’t necessarily have any answers and aren’t trying to claim that we do, it’s just more the way we want people at the shows to have a cathartic release. We get catharsis through doing this.

Harry: We’re all in the same zone you know everyone is struggling, we’re not making any dough either. It is the normal struggle for somone of our agegroup and demographic in the UK. The average age for a new home owner is 34 years old, whereas 20 years ago you could buy a house for a couple of grand – new homeowners back in the day were say 25 years old. It keeps getting older and it keeps getting more expensive, harder and harder however the government still tax you the same, still keep at it with the same pressure. It’s harder to live nowadays than it ever was, just bullshit.

Kyle: You look at the majority of people in this band and 3 out of 4 of us still live with parents just because it is this hard and sadly we don’t have the answers for it but we want to make some aggressive music to help people get over this shit; for twenty minutes on a night just come to a gig and let out all your anger in a healthy way.

I was wondering are these hardhitting and prevalent issues a source you consciously chose to write about or did it come about more organically than that?

Kyle: I think it tends to come about organically!

Harry: We didn’t want to write about something that we didn’t personally experience ourselves or care about, we’re never gonna take on the blame of someone else – we write about the things that we see.

Kyle: With ‘Breeding Filth‘ for example, that songs is written about war atrocities but that just stems from news articles. Anytime you see whichever group of humans it may be, getting pushed down in some form or other we’re going to be angry about it. Just because stuff isn’t on our doorstep, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care.

Harry: There’s this level of segregation where people think ‘as long as my country’s fine’ or ‘as long as me and people I know are fine’, it doesn’t matter but everything negative that happens in the world echoes amongst all of us. If we’re part of a rich country that can give each other healthcare and all these luxuries that’s fine, but why not extend that and make it international? There’s enough resources to go around.

On a different note, the project is produced by Erik Bickerstaffe from Loathe, can you tell us about the relationship there?

Kyle: We’ve all known him for quite a while, especially me and Harry. I’ve known Erik since about 15, we’ve both been in bands with him before and we’ve grown up seeing him progress. Being a good mate of his he was keen to try and help us out so with knowing how he’s a good producer it was a no brainer really to go with him into the studio. He helped us fine tune everything.

Harry: He’s a genius. He can really help us find our sound.

Kyle: He really did, anytime we were stuck on anything or if one of us couldn’t think of how to develop something perhaps, he’d have an idea. For me an ideal producer essentially becomes a fifth member of the band during studio time and that was certainly what he did. Being friends with him made the process really fluid too.

Finally, what is next on the agenda for God Complex?

Kyle: We have a bunch of shows coming up for the rest of this year and we have started writing now, but there isn’t too much we can say as it’s all very rough planning at the moment.

Harry: Newer stuff’s gonna be groovier and nastier than anything we’ve released so far!

God Complex

Kyle Holt (left), Harry Rule (middle) and myself looking all happy!

That sounds very intriguing to me boys, best believe I’ll be on the lookout for what God Complex do next, and so should you!

Created Sick‘ is out now via Venn Records!

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