With the perfect summer anthem Bubblegum already out, and a bunch of exciting shows lined up, August is set to be one of the biggest months yet for Exeter pop-rockers WITTERQUICK.

For boys as busy as these, catching a minute to chat to them can be difficult, but we managed to do just that!

Bloggers Gamut sat down with bassist Ollie Chanter to pick his brains on everything from the direction the band are headed, to taking showers on tour.

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Firstly, Bubblegum is definitely a new sound for WITTERQUICK and the contrast between tracks like Hiding Place and I Need A Friend Tonight is quite vast. 

I know you’ve mentioned in previous interviews that you wanted people to be able to listen to something happy, but did anything else inspire the track, whether this is something you guys were feeling or doing differently?


We’ve been in a good headspace for the last year and hadn’t been for a long time before that. The Fire and Ice EP pretty much lays all that out on the table.

I guess the positivity came out in our recent writing. It’s as important to us to be playing something positive as it is for our fans to hear it. Reliving our past on stage is intense.

Are there any artists you were listening to that inspired this new sound, or did it come naturally with the message you wanted to convey?

Definitely natural.

We’ve never let other artists influence us, we’ve been adamant from the start that we wanted to be WITTERQUICK. Any influence on that waters down what we are, so we just run with ideas and influence each other.

On that note, Is Bubblegum an indication of a new direction or more of a stand-alone summer anthem?

It’s definitely on one extreme end of our sound.

We actually weren’t all that sure about putting Bubblegum out because it was quite different for us, but we snapped out of that and realised we can do what we want. The cover illustrates our feelings about that.

We’ve opened that upbeat door for sure, future music will float somewhere between Bubblegum and what everyone knows us as.

I can already imagine that the song is going to get the crowd hyped at gigs! Did you have the live performance in mind when you wrote it… or will getting a good reaction just be an added bonus?

The reaction has been incredible already actually!

We’ve snuck it into a few sets to test it out before it was released, and it just clicked with the audience, which is rare for an unknown song. It’s one of those songs that you can’t help but dance to

Is there more fresh material on the way, and if so, can we expect to hear any of that at the upcoming shows?

We often sneak something new into the set to see how it goes down with fans, I guess you’ll have to come along and see!

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You’ve toured the UK before, what are you most excited about this time around, whether this be a city or a song to play?

The London show has sold out and that’s a first for us on a solo run so that’s going to be a huge night for us and all the fans there.

Our live show has been turned up 3 notches too, so the fans are in for a treat!

Is there anything you aren’t excited for regarding tour life?

It’s hard to get excited about tour showers and waking up with junkies hammering on the door of your cockroach infested room isn’t the most fun… but at least it stops us getting bored!

Have you developed any pre-show traditions that you will be doing?

We don’t let Will talk for a while before we go on, which is a challenge in itself.

We also do group huddles before big shows, like KOKO and Electric Ballroom, but for the smaller runs it’s just mayhem so all of us getting on stage at the same time is enough of an effort!

You’ve already toured with the impressive Nothing But Thieves, but if you could choose anyone to go on tour with, who would it be?

Definitely the Thieves guys again, we’re tight with them and their crew so a future run would be a party. We’ve made some friends in Don Broco too, so that would be a fun run!

We’ve heard Deaf Havana are liking what we’re doing too, and we love those guys, so I’d go for that one right now.

None of those would be tours we would want to miss, fingers crossed that they happen, and sooner rather than later.

Thanks for chatting with us Ollie!

If we weren’t excited for the shows before, we are now. They are sure to be pretty mental, be sure to catch WITTERQUICK on their upcoming UK run to avoid serious FOMO, and watch this space for our review.

The dates are as follows:

witterquick tour dates

Listen to Bubblegum below.


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