The music industry is a place of ever changing tastes and unknown complexity; to the uninitiated it might seem that talent is enough to get your music out there on the radio, or on tours. But the truth of the matter is that the music business is one of intricacies and success is down to hard work and patience as much as it is talent.

Something we noticed recently is that online comments sections seem to be filled with phrases such as ‘this band is underrated’ or ‘wow, this is so good, it’s a shame it’s not been on the radio’. It seems that fans think there’s more that can be done to promote up and coming artists. But what do the artists themselves think?

We interviewed MONARCHS, a three piece from the East Midlands. Describing themselves as ‘a cocktail of madness, mayhem and melodies, driven by infectious riffs’ their sound is dark, heavy and loud. Having found the band through social media it was interesting to get their views on whether or not the industry, and in particular Radio DJ’s, can do more.



What do you, as a band, do in  terms of promotion?

MONARCHS:Social media is such an important tool when being in a band; you can reach so many people and engage and grow your fanbase with interesting posts, news and gig photos/ videos. We promote ourselves using the usual social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)

Getting yourself on radio interview slot and in ‘zines are also a huge part – there are a lot of people with tonnes of passion for music that we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know/ playing gigs for that are always so helpful to us. We’re pretty lucky!


Which brings us to our next question – have you had much airtime? And do you think more could / should be done by Radio DJ’s to promote Alt music?

MONARCHS:We’ve been fortunate enough to be on BBC Introducing in Northampton a few times, BBC Introducing in Cambridgeshire, local radio stations (Corby Radio, Transmission on Diverse Fm, Shoetown Sounds etc). We think airtime’s important – Radio interviews allow your music to reach new ears, and make it possible to inform people of band news.

Radio presenters have a tough job. There’s so much good music out there, having only an hour or two to cram in as many of your favourite bands/ artists’ we can imagine is difficult! The bigger stations are more difficult to get airtime on, but if we made it onto one of their shows playing the music that we love playing, then we’d be over the moon!


Moving on from radio, let’s talk podcasts. Do you think there’s enough podcasts/ social media promoters that it sort of balances out?

MONARCHS:Us bands are extremely lucky with the sheer amount of platforms around these days. There’s a huge amount of people on social media that like to share what unsigned and mostly undiscovered bands are doing, new music, gig dates etc. We think Radio and social media promoters are doing a huge amount for guys like us. Without them we wouldn’t have had the opportunities we have!


Interviewing these guys was a lesson in congeniality. Polite, engaged and determined to succeed it’s not hard to imagine these guys going far. Acknowledging the struggles of musicians and promoters alike, the lads are grateful to have been given the opportunities they have and it shows. Before concluding the interview we couldn’t help but ask what they had coming up next. After all, even the smallest of webzines can help with promo and these guys deserve it.


MONARCHS:Coming up we’ve got Wilkestock (31st Aug- 2nd Sept) and Rocked Up Hootenanny Festival (8th Sept) which we’re very excited about, and we’ve got some big news coming towards the end of year which is very hush hush at the moment! We’re excited with what the rest of the year has in store, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.


Links to the MONARCHS social media can be found below; we’d recommend following them, listening to their music and supporting them in any way you can. Fans of bands are a powerful force in the digital era, something these guys are well aware of, and your support can do a lot. Got any bands you’d love us to interview? Drop a comment or send us a tweet @BloggersGamut.





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