For some bands, coming to terms with the fact you need to change your whole identity can be a make or break situation. A name change, lineup change and sound change can be too much to tackle for most, but for Nowhere to Be Found, it seems to be the beginning of something beautiful.
After adding a new member and deciding on a new, heavier sound, it has been onward and upward for the band and February 7th will see their new track Traverse released. The guys have worked with some huge names on the single, including Matty Mullins from the colossal Memphis May Fire, so chances are this release is going to give them the exposure they deserve.Before it all kicks off for Nowhere to Be Found, we got the chance to speak to them about everything from Traverse to who they’d like to work with next…

Firstly, the past couple of years have been a huge change for you, from adding a new band member to changing your whole identity. What made you undergo so much change?

We started as a band with such innocence we never really thought what we needed to be a good or better than good band, to be honest! [laughter] But then the fans started to really pickup on our first album and we had to take a step back and have one of those “who do we want to be? What’s the music we really want to be known for?” moments and that kind of prompted a lot of changes.

Was it hard to adjust to writing with a new member, or did it come naturally?

The fact that Quintais is very creative and also a good sport made it easy. He has a lot of personality and he’s always trying to push us to another level but he also understands we have history together and sometimes things won’t end up the exact way he would do them. By now we’re composing together, but it was a process, of course.

The new track Traverse has you sounding stronger, slicker and heavier than ever, do you feel like all this change has lead you to find your perfect sound?

It’s definitely a progress towards what we feel is our “perfect sound”, even though we have to think that’s always the next song, never the last one, right? But we are very proud to be making this path, we feel more comfortable here.

You worked with some pretty impressive names on Traverse, obviously Matty Mullins is involved but Henrik Udd and Ted Jensen too! How did that come about, and how was it for you as a band?

Honestly, we really can’t say how we got all these names together, considering we are a small band from a small non-english speaking country without even a record deal. We got to Henrik through our local producer, Wilson Silva (also drummer for More Than A Thousand) and he accepted because he liked the songs, and we guess Ted also accepted because the songs were good and they came from Henrik. From that to Matty was an e-mail with an invitation away, he replied in a couple of days. None of them made it about money cause we are poor! [heavy laughter]

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Can we expect the heavier sound to be here to stay or is sound something you are still experimenting with along with the new identity?

The whole album is heavier and with a lot of more density, we really feel comfortable with the way we are writing songs right now.

Obviously you’ve worked alongside Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire but you’ve covered The Chainsmokers too! Which leads me to ask, what music are you typically influenced by/what do you tend to listen to?

That’s probably the hardest thing to answer cause the four of us listen to very different things usually. Migalhas (drums) really comes from a ska-punk background and also loves pop, Manel (bass) is an indie and alternative rock guy, Quintais (lead guitar) is metal to the his core and Tiago (vocals) is more of a numetal and grunge guy. But we all listen to A LOT of metalcore, it’s the common ground.

Is there any other musicians you guys would like to work with?

A ton. These last few weeks we’ve been blown away by Holy Hell so we would love to work with Architects.

Finally, with the new track out early this year, what else do you want to achieve in 2019/ what else have you got planned for this year?

Our big goals for 2019 is to finish recording and releasing the rest of the album and making a couple of European tours. And who knows, maybe a record deal to help boost our music to new audiences.

Traverse drops on 7th Feb 2019.

Listen to Closer below to get you ready for it.

Image Credits – Nowhere to Be Found

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