On the 7th October New Portals released their new single “Sober”. Sober’ features delicate electronics paired with a 4/4 beat, all intertwined with mesmeric guitars and the duo’s lush harmonies. All proceeds from downloads of the single go to Macmillan and the Go Sober For October campaign.  The new single follows the recent release of the band’s debut EP Stereo earlier this year, which was met with great acclaim from the likes of the Metro, The Guardian, Dork Magazine, Line Of Best Fit, Missguided, Pretty 52, Galore, Pop Dust and many more.

This being the first time I’ve heard of New Portals and the first time I’ve heard their music, as soon as i heard “Sober” , i instantly loved the track. I love the unique vocals and the beat goes very well with the vocals making this track amazing to listen to. I’m a big fan of lyrics in songs, they seem to stick with me so i end up analysing them, so listening to this i really began to think about what these lyrics mean. These lyrics stand out to me:

Lately Ive been writing songs for different albums
Writing up what I know
Recently i’m holding back a hunger
Times a rolling times rolling by, nothing has changed.”

I Really like these lyrics the most, especially Ruth’s vocals when she sings them, the way she makes the words sound when they come out is just so good. Makes me think a lot, about what I’m doing with my life, the lyric: “times a rolling times rolling by, nothing has changed” makes me think about my life and what I’m doing with it, time is just ticking by faster and faster and nothing has changed, I’m still doing the same thing over and time is just rolling by. 

“Holding back a hunger” to me is like holding back an idea for example doing something for a year and then deciding is it time to change things up. but then thinking hold it, step back, what if I’m not ready?

“Lately I’ve been drawing on my skin, Lately I’ve been
Cleanse and mark and draw and repeat
So that i can be seen”  

These lyrics are so good, i like what they mean to me, it’s like you’re trying to get noticed or seen as they say, is hard and i know what that’s like, so you do anything to be seen, like drawing on your skin (which i did in school aha) but as the years go by and you grow up you do it over and over like the lyrics suggest “Cleanse, mark and draw and repeat”

Well listening to my first New portals track, I must say they are brilliant and look forward to hearing more of their stuff, I highly recommend this song, its a good listen and something you’d play over and over, maybe on a long bus journey.

It’s also great to see the great things there doing for charity like donating all proceeds  to Macmillan and the Go Sober For October campaign. its just fantastic and Hope other artists will be inspired by New Portals to do the same.

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