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DiipSilence is a Chinese electronic music artist-producer based in Los Angeles. As a one-man band, she is the composer, lyricist, singer, producer, mixer and album cover designer of all her creations. She believes “Any sound can be music“, most of the elements of her songs are coming from non-instrumental sources such as organic field recording and foley. She also loves infusing fresh electronic music with traditional world music elements.


What is DiipSilence all about?

Hello my name is DiipSilence, I’m an electronic music artist-producer. The artist name DiipSilence comes from my original Chinese name, which means deep and silent. I also love to write dreamy melodies and deep bass, so the name DiipSilence also supports my music style.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

I love Trip-Hop, Chillstep and Chillout music, among all of those great artists, CocoRosie is my most significant musical influence. Their choices of toy sounds and all the weird sound effects in their songs have taught me that “anything can be music”, and this is what I want to describe in my music as well. After listening to their album Grey Oceans I started to put sound effects in my music too.

What inspired you to start making music?

Before changing my career into music, I’ve learnt math for six years in college, math is a big part of my inspiration. The moment when I realize that “Everything in the world has a potential connection to each other” is the inspiration for me to change my career path. I’ve been playing piano and guitar since middle school; since then music was always my hobby until I realize that “every sound in the world is musical”, I’m fancied in the truth that I can make music with every kind of sound. I often use foley, field recordings and some film sound effects to build up the emotions in my tunes, such as layering my snare with tearing off a paper, sampling water drops as pitched tom, using fidget spinner and helicopter sound as low-end elements. I believe everything can be music.

Tell us about the latest / upcoming project?

My most recent single is Null Trek, it’s a Chinese Alternative/Trap song that talks about the loss of our life. Life is a trek and a trap. We have to accept that everything can perish, everything can vanish. In this tune I also use some film sound effects to create a dark mood, such as the gun sound etc. also, there are some dubstep growling basslines. Our life is a trek and a trap, we have to accept everything can perish, anything can vanish. The song is incorporated with Trap bass and growl Dubstep bass, female vocal, trip drums and layered synths

My upcoming EP will be released on Feb. 2019, it’s called Meteorology IV which contains four songs, each song will describe a meteorology phenomenon, I also used lots of folly and location recording sounds in this album, stay tuned!

What are your plans for 2019?

I want to release more great music in 2019, at least one song per month. And I’m on my way to learn some music business knowledge hope I’ll understand more about it.


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