Krista D is an artist with a lot going on and a lot going for her. Genre-wise, Krista’s music is a mix of 50’s style, 3 part harmonies/doo-wop music, has some ska influence and is mixed with a bit of punk rock. Essentially an attempt to mix a perky sound with a bit of “fuck you”. This is totally enough to intrigue us here at BG, so we did what we thought best and sought Krista out to find out all about her.

What is Krista D all about?

Krista D is what I would consider to be my main project. I have two others on the go, in different styles, but this is the one I’ve been releasing music under, on and off, since I was 16.

As far as what it’s about- that’s evolved a lot over the years; my first album was intensely christian and now my latest EP ( ‘Look at me… I’m Krista D‘) has an illustrated version of me flashing a boob… so that’s one very obvious evolution.

The Krista D artist name was initially chosen because my name was Krista Doucet, but I’ve kept it, and re-branded, in order for it to become a reference to the character Sandra Dee, from Grease. I think that way it covers the lifestyle change and alludes to the fact that I like to mix some 50s elements into a lot of my tracks. The only constant, for the music I release under this project, is that it’s pretty much like a diary; I write about experiences and people I’ve interacted with. It’s generally very focused on women’s issues except for this latest single which addresses behaviours some friends have experienced from their girlfriends.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

When I was younger, I had limited access to music, apart from christian music, but what I did get a chance to listen to was a program called Finklemans’ 45s. The show was selected hits from the 50s, 60s and early 70s and I remember holding my clock radio out the window at night for better reception. Even though I’m free to listen to whatever I want now, I still have the habit of either not listening to music at all or just flicking through radio stations… or I’ll just pick one random song and leave it on repeat for hours. I have a weird, dysfunctional relationship with music. I can’t truly credit any particular band, or artists’, influence; I tend to just collage things together.

What inspired you to start making music?

It was initiated by my father after he’d realised that I could write a song fairly effortlessly. It was an inherent ability- not something I actually set out to pursue. I wrote a song in maybe 5 minutes when I was about 13 or 14, because my dad was strumming chords on the guitar in the living room- I thought he might like words and a melody for it; that was kind of the ignition point. He encouraged me to write more and brought me into a recording studio at 16.

Tell us about the latest release:

The latest single, ‘Crazy Bitch‘, is about a guy who hooks up with a woman who ends up blackmailing him, abusing him and exhibiting very controlling behaviour. Several guy friends had relayed some terrible experiences so it all kind of rolled around in my subconscious until it became this really odd song. If you’ve ever watched the series ‘Happy Valley’- the character ‘Vicky’ is a good example.

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