Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, 21 year old hip-hop artist Loony Tunz (Andrew Padilla) is looking to make a positive impact on his beloved genre & gain a following for his music through the most organic and rewarding way; putting the work in.

He has been taking music seriously for about a year and a half; in which time he has been writing music + short poetry, working on and upping his craft. Once Loony Tunz met up with Blue Wind Studios things elevated as he gelled well with the guys at Blue Wind and found a production style that suits him well. Loony Tunz has been working on his first album ‘The Blue Tape‘ since, which tells of drug addiction and the rugged streets of Duke City.

He currently has 3 singles on YouTube, which are each diverse to one another in a fashion of demonstrating his versatility as an artist and ability to ride completely different sounding beats. Above all else these tracks, aswell as those glazing his Soundcloud display the potential he has as an artist, with no two songs sounding alike and a range of topics covered colourfully. For this reason, Loony Tunz‘ artistic development and transition through life are gonna be one to keep your eye on..

Listen to his single ‘GenFvked‘ which addresses the sadly ever-present reality of a generation with deluded aspirations – Loony creeps over the brooding instrumental speaking about the youth that are seeking to eternally numb their pain through various substances, to the point of believing sanctity awaits them in an OD:

Check his YouTube here to hear other single ‘All I Want’. His Soundcloud contains more music that proves the aforementioned diversity.

Find Loony Tunz on Facebook here and Twitter here for more information about the guy behind the music.


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