Tarah Who? is a female fronted power trio from Los Angeles with raw, grungy, punk, rock influences. Tarah G. Carpenter plays heavy fast paced guitars and sings – or screams emotional autobiographical stories, Coralie Hervé plays hard hitting driving drums and fat bass lines are delivered by Joey Southern.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Tarah: So I grew up listening to Alanis Morissette and I think that my songwriting was somewhat influenced. The autobiographical and exposing your emotions on a piece of paper seems similar. Then I discovered Motörhead, Pantera, RATM, The Distillers, Tool etc.. and I really liked their sound. I am a big 90s fan and still listened to everything 90s.
Even though we are creating our own sound and not too focused on trying to be like any of the bands we listen to, I am sure that my preference or choices in sounds for my guitar anyway is due to all of those bands I have listened to growing up.
Coralie: I’m a big Nightwish fan, a symphonic metal band from Finland. I’ll say that this style is my biggest influence but more generally it’s metal and classic rock.
Joey: Rock n Roll has been in my life since I can remember. My parents always had music blasting from bands like Rush to Bob Marley. My first arena concert was in 6th grade and they took me to see ZZ Top and the next week we went to see Metallica. Overall bands like Primus


What inspired you to start making music?

Tarah: I honestly don’t know. I was drowned to play the drums and the bass guitar. When I moved to KY when I was 15, I could not play as much as I did so I bought myself an electric guitar and taught myself the guitar. I started writing a lot. I had a lot of emotions that I did not feel like sharing to people but that I needed to let out so I started writing journals. Over the years, some of the things I wrote became songs and that is kinda still the case today. Making music was not something I planned, it is just something I do. I started one day and never stopped. I liked it then, I still do so I keep it going.
Coralie: I started playing at the age of 10 and never stop, I actually don’t know why I started but I’m really glad I did !!! I really cannot see myself doing something else, it’s always amazing to do what you love.
Joey: Early exposure to live music sparked my interest to learn how to play. I have been on a rollercoaster ever since!!!

Tell us about the latest project?

Tarah: We have a couple exciting news: Our single Numb Killer was released on January 11th, 2019 along with the music video. That is the lead single from our EP called 64 Women released on Feb 22, 2019. We were very excited about this release because it is the first EP that the current line up is on! I was personally eager to release this ep because I had never worked on a release for such a long time: We started recording this EP a year and a half ago!
On January 11,2018, Coralie and I met to go to Thomas Lang’s house to record the drums for 64 Women! I thought that it would be done in a few days, but I went to France to celebrate my birthday, came back, we tracked the bass with our previous bass player. Then Jason Orme, our co producer went on tour with Alanis Morissette, meanwhile, Matt, our previous bass player quit the band for personal reasons. Found Joey on facebook(!!) went on our west coast tour, totally “fell in love” with Joey and asked if he would do the bass on the new release. He said YES! went back to the studio as soon as Jason came back, re-tracked the bass, then guitars. Went on an east coast tour, the Jason went back on tour!! And by September – I think, we were done recording the backing vocals and our friend Matt Houdini from Lujuria stopped by to sing some backing vocals. Product was then finally mixed and mastered and released in Feb 2019.


Is there a particular message you wish to get across through your music?

Tarah: Well, like I said earlier, I write in the first place because I need to. I believe that everyone’s life is relatable and that at one moment in your life, you will pay attention to some lyric and feel a connection or relate to a song in that moment in time. There is not one particular message other than trying to spread understanding and kindness, fun, and lightness in our every day life. We play rock music because this is our preferred genre of music. I like loud drums and low bass, I like to give attitude on stage and we have fun doing what we do. I like to play fast music and scream my heart out. Even if it is “I’m not your mother“! from the song Umbilicus that came out in Feb 2019. The song is about someone in particular but I know that we all have that one person (or had!) who brings you all of their problems like they were yours and expects you to take care of them! You, with your big heart, you start by saying Yes (by listening), until you realize, one day. “Why am I doing this? you keep putting yourself in those situations… Why am I fixing your problems!”
Another song from the EP for instance is Hurt , very slow, PJ Harvey kinda sounds. Way more intimate. This song is about opening yourself to someone who ends up betraying you. You can’t even find the energy to be angry because you are so disappointed that all you can feel is sadness. Tarah Who? songs are heart-felt in a way but not in a whiny, self pity way. I like to use sarcasm, or I turn a situation into a funny “angry” story just for the “ROCK” factor..
I find people fascinating and I love psychology. We are a fun, energetic team and we like to play a lively show that anyone can come to and forget their worries or just come and mosh-pit.
We try to stay as true to ourselves as possible, as individuals and musically. Being yourself, accepting yourself, accepting others for who they are.. This is all what we play for.


What are your plans for 2019?

Tarah: We have a lot of shows coming in 2019. US/ Canada and Europe are in the schedule. The best way to follow us is @tarahwho pretty much on every social media. Facebook, Instagram, Songkick, Bandsintown, twitter, etc. Also our website www.tarahwho.com!
If we are not coming to your town, follow us on Instagram and message us. We can either plan your city on our next tour or dedicate a live session to you! We are very active and responsive on our social media so don’t hesitate!
2019 is very busy, so you will definitely be hearing from us 🙂 First with the releases, then the tours, and a couple more surprises along the way!
Coralie: Like Tarah said, 2019 gonna be a really busy year for Tarah Who? and I can’t wait for it !!! Really excited for our upcoming releases and tours!!! Hope to see some of you guys on the road!!!

Joey: 2019 will be very busy and will be the result of all the hard work and dedication this past year! Can’t wait!!! And see you LA music lovers at the Redwood every week in January to kick off the year!!!

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