It takes a heck of a lot of raw talent to be able to tackle two completely different styles of music and utterly nail them both.

It takes an equal amount of talent to cover a David Bowie song and replicate the haunting magic in a unique way.

Scarlett Randle has managed both of these things, which is why we absolutely had to pick her brain on everything from her fave Singstar tracks to her future plans. Check it out below.

What inspired you to start making music?

I’m not sure there was a specific moment or person that inspired me to start making music, I guess it was an amalgamation of things but I definitely have always known I wanted to perform.

For my 7th birthday my uncle got me Singstar and I bought the 80s version and I used to stand for hours singing ‘Downtown’ by Petula Clark until I got a high score, I think that’s what solidified it for me – belter.

We’ve listened to your covers of David Bowie and Troye Sivan on Soundcloud, and they’re awesome! What other musicians inspire you/who’s on your playlist at the moment?

Many artists inspire me but at the moment I am OBSESSED with Maggie Rogers, I am very excited to hear her new music, but I need to stop drunk tweeting her and confessing my love… it’s getting weird.

I am also a big fan of Christine and the Queens and saw them when they came to Glasgow last year and honestly, I’ve no’ been the same since! Other artists on my playlist are – Superorganism, Bleachers, Lorde, Billie Eilish, Mac Demarco, CHVRCHES, Perfume Genius, Aurora, Harry Styles, Declan McKenna, St. Vincent and I’m always up for a bit of T Swizzle!

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You played TRNSMT festival this year… which is a massive achievement! What are your dream festivals or venues to play?

Yes! It was the best time! I’d definitely love to play more festivals, getting to go to a music festival with your mates AND then also getting to play your tunes at it, that’s the best feeling in the world for me.

I would definitely like to play more gigs down south and further afield like Europe, have a wee holiday too while I’m at it. I’ll play to anyone who will listen! (within reason)

What do you hope to represent in your music/what message do you want to get out there?

I think people look for the message they want in songs.

You can hear a thousand songs and enjoy them, but I think there’s always certain ones that can change your life, for some reason you connect with it more than others and I find that fascinating, one song can mean so much to someone but nothing to another.

When I’m writing I’m expressing myself and processing my emotions and if just one person connects with that then that’s the ultimate goal.

It’s a funny world and I think any kind of art is the escape we need, whether it makes me want to boogie or cry, music makes me feel less alone, so if I can make others feel that then that’s the message I want to get out. Do you want some chips with all that cheese?

Your songs Falling and Berlin have quite different sounds! What direction do you hope to go in? Can we expect a lot of different sounds from you?

Yeah, they’re the most different tracks off my new EP, I released Berlin first as my debut single as I felt out of all the songs it was the most acoustic and probably what people would expect from me.

Then I thought I’d go the other end of the scale and drop Falling which is the most ‘experimental’ off the EP, the other tunes are somewhat in between I think.

Where do you see your music in 5 years?

I have no idea but I’m excited to find out!

I’m really enjoying gigging and writing at the moment, so I just want to keep on doing that! I also love working with other artists and stuff so would be amazing to do some more of that!


We 100% support this decision and can’t wait to hear what’s coming.  Hopefully we will catch you at your next show!

Listen to Falling here:

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