It’s well known that the BG team are a pick n’ mix of music tastes, and often or not, something comes along that appeals to more than one of us, and a fight to the death ensues over who covers it. Deciding that our thoughts were quite different, we present two reviews of our new favourite song, ‘A Little More’, the debut release from singer-songwriter Almost Autumn. 

Almost Autumn is exactly what you’d expect the audio diary of a 20 year old student to sound like: love, lust, heartbreak and adventure-filled stories, painted upon back-drops of sticky floored nightclubs and glimmering city horizons, wrapped up in infectious, fresh, feel-good pop.

On the 10th September, she released her first song “A Little More” for the whole world to hear. My first reaction to hearing it, within the very first minute was:  ‘Oh my, this is amazing’.  After listening to the entire song, I’m in love! The lyrics are just beautiful, with a mixture of love and magic.

This is something that I believe myself and everyone else would be able to play on repeat for hours and hours. The style of the vocals with the lyrics are just perfect together. To be honest, ‘A Little More’ sounds as if it belongs as a soundtrack to a Disney movie. You’ll be sitting in the cinema and the scene where the princess is looking out of her window and she’s looking over a nearby field and the autumn leaves are falling, and that’s when you’d hear ‘A Little More.’

Normally first songs have their flaws but honestly I see none with this, the lyrics match perfectly to the melody, the vocals are beautiful and just make the song really great. I especially love the lyric: ‘some people rush in and out but you’re all my heart sings about.’ To me that is a powerful combination of words; a lot of people rush in and out of love, but to find that one person who makes your heart sing about all day over and over is truly magical, like this song.

By Kyle Press, Resident Pop Guru.

Over the years I’ve been sent a lot, and I mean a lot, of tracks from unknowns who have been listened to, thrown onto the pile, and duly forgotten about. Things come in trends, they always sound the same. The days of someone taking a risk are null, a long forgotten talent. So when Almost Autumn – aka Joelle-Marianne – fell into my inbox with her debut release, ‘A Little More’, I was as hesitant as a cat is to water.

Not one to shy away though, I gave it a listen. Piano kicks in, and it’s already finding itself on the pile with the other singer-songwriters following in the suit of Tom Odell. Well, for the first time in a while, my judgements were wrong. Washed over warmly with jangly acoustic guitars, Almost Autumn’s blend of indie-folk finds its feet, its bubblegum vocals narrating you away from your headphones and through an autumn-themed walk through a park, the autumn coloured leaves and the pumpkin spiced lattes visualising themselves around you.

It’s rare that a song surprises me, and yet ‘A Little More’ grabs me because it’s a little different to the genre it represents right now. It’s jangly, it’s happier, and it’s hopeful, whereas so much of the singer-songwriter and indie-folk that’s being churned out of late is as optimistic as Eeyore the Donkey.

The difficulty with listening to Almost Autumn’s debut release is that once it’s finished, you’re finished. There’s nothing else, and whilst that is acceptable and all, you’re left wanting more. You want your Autumn walk to continue, the latte to never run out, the leaves to not stop falling. For someone who spends half their life on buses, trains, or on walks, this is a song that sparkles. It sparkles with potential too; yes, it’s not complete. You get the feeling that there is so much more to be unlocked from Almost Autumn, and that as she grows, so will her songs.

By Jack Press, Editor.

‘A Little More’ is available on Bandcamp right now at this link here

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