After giving the grungey rockers debut an 8.8 in our review, Jaz sat down with them to talk the talk. If you haven’t read our review, check it out here

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than finding a good, local band whose music you can really get behind. There’s the knowledge that you all probably have shared experiences, that you’d recognise the same things and that these people, your people, are succeeding.

Recently, I was recommended a band by a friend, and in one rare and beautiful moment found a group with music that I like, personalities that I find a little endearing, and the passion, spirit and grit that I associate with my home county. Within minutes of listening to their songs, I realised that this was a band with talent, and the ability to go far.

Loose Tooth are a band whose style is best described as ‘grungey, riffy rock music’ and who hail from the grey and sometimes dismal East Midlands of England. A three piece, the band is composed of Oli (Bass and vocals) Adam (Guitar) and Josh (Drums). Their new mini album, released on the 28th of July, instantly charted on the iTunes Rock Chart, climbing to 93 within days- an impressive feat.

The band began as two separate ventures, with Josh and Adam belonging to one group and Oli to another. But, when both bands decided to call it quits, the three decided to play together and see where it went and, well, it definitely went somewhere. I asked them what made them decide to start the band and was met with the response of ‘we all wanted to play music and I guess we all knew it would just kind of come together.’ The laid back group of friends seemed to fall into playing together, with even the band name seeming to come easily. Adam, the guitarist, kept a notebook of potential names and when it came to it Loose Tooth seemed to suit them best. ‘We’d all been in bands before that had pretty long names- Death Currently Waits For Me, Of Blue Skies and Youth- so this was a change. Something a little shorter, I guess’. And this new, shorter, punchier name really makes them stand out. Along with the gritty music, it’s something you won’t forget.

One thing that I always want to know about bands is what they like best. Some musicians are in it for the gigs- the thrill and adrenaline of going on stage and hearing a crowd cheer and shout their lyrics back at them. Some prefer the writing side, the ability to express how they feel, what they think and have others identify with them. So, naturally, I asked the question to the guys, who said that everyone has different preferences. After mentioning that initially he wasn’t going to be the vocalist and joking about how it’s a shame he can’t go on stage behind a curtain, Oli confides that it’s the writing and planning that he likes. Adam and Josh jokingly chime in with a comment about hobbit holes being the place where Oli prefers to be before talking about how gigging is hard, but fun. They take turns talking how you have to ‘take baby steps, when you’re playing live. But you do get lost in the music… you see other bands doing it and you think, “that looks well fun” I want to have a go’.  The guys joked around, clearly relaxed and at home talking about themselves and the music. They answered questions before I had to ask them, talking about what made them want to start music, and their inspirations (Their music taste is varied which gives for different influences in their music- one thing that makes sure that their sound is original and not just copies of other artists).

After a few jokes and admissions of pre- show nerves and rituals (pacing, yelling swearwords in the toilets to alleviate stress, never doing soundchecks) we moved onto discussion of their song writing process and their music videos. As someone who’s always wondered what goes on behind the scenes, it was interesting to hear about how Oli and Adam write music and how the logo and videos were created. The band started jamming together in February but didn’t gig until august, with the music being written faster than they were doing anything else. Oli described the process for him as being ‘like a woodpecker and I need to get it out.’ They then went on to talk about their music videos, revealing that ‘Split In The Hair’ was shot on an iPad with a filter in 20 minutes and edited on the day. The video, which is gritty and raw, is very much them. It’s honest, and it’s not trying to be anything but itself; the artwork is also done in the same vein as the music- Josh (Drums) drew the original piece and then edited it online in order to layer it. ‘You don’t need Photoshop, you need Microsoft paint’ was the response when I asked what software they used. The admission that, like their music, their videos and art work are done by themselves, or close friends, is something that I truly respect about this band.

The perfect way to sum up a band, in my opinion, is in their own words which was why my penultimate question to the boys was asking them to describe themselves to anyone new to which they replied ‘grungey riffy rock music- just as honest as we can be. We play music loud and honestly.’

And my last question? Asking them to take part in a new project. After every interview with a band we’ll ask them to recommend us an artist or group they enjoy for us to interview, eventually making a chain of bands. The music community is full of talent, and the best way to find new and up and coming bands, and hidden gems is to ask those who are in the thick of it.

The recommendation this time: Drinsipa, a two piece based in Northamptonshire whose new EP is due out in September. Check ’em out below:

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