Attending a mass at the ‘Temple of Fun‘ ‘Church‘ was quite an easy procedure, just as a Sunday Service is – get suited and booted (appropriately), drag a mate with you, and head on down to the place of worship on time.

Just like a Sunday Service, you haven’t got to book a place to secure the visit, you can simply walk in when you fancy getting your holy on and joining the ensuing communion, before you leave feeling relieved, blessed and ready for the week. This was kinda the same?

Church Temple of Fun

The new ‘bar-arcade’ venture from Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes has been open just under a month at the time of my visit and writing, and it’s proven a popular attraction for many Sheffield natives so far. Not limited to only attracting locals though, ‘Church‘ has had a bit of an impact on bringing visitors from all corners of the UK to see what the fuss is about, and thus showing many who might not have previously been aware, how lovely a place the Steel City can be.

I’ve always enjoyed my time in the scenic city, which is usually (as with this occasion) whenever I have ventured up to stay with a friend who migrated here from our quaint little border market town in academic pursuits of a university nature – just as I have, to the (dissonant in comparison) city of Birmingham.

The entirely vegan friendly menu is a common ground attraction for us, as although my friend isn’t really a metal fan, let alone a BMTH fan, he is a dedicated vegan – I do listen to BMTH & although I am not a dedicated vegan, (I’m technically a pescatarian) I am a fan of veganism and will often choose to eat a vegan option when dining out. Plus the idea of a venue with all that ‘Church‘ encompasses under one roof certainly intrigued me and the menu looks & sounds AMAZING, so collectively we thought we’d get our prayer on.


The demographic of attendees was not as I expected, as it ranged from primarily ‘yuppie’ types, who probably would call you a really lame insult if you broadcast your admiration of a band like or refer directly to Bring Me, who are there clearly cause it’s ‘the place to be‘ and they want to show off, wear their best Lacoste and splash their hard earned cash. Also surprising was the amount of elder folk who gravitated towards ‘Church‘, again they didn’t whiff in the slightest of ‘alternative’, yet looked happy to be there and enjoying their visit to the ‘Temple of Fun‘.

This is a positive notion to how Oli has set up the venture, to accommodate for anyone and everyone, at least those who can afford such a visit! I have no doubt me and my companion were the only two who appeared even remotely like students and although there were a few patrons draped in their finest metal band merchandise, it is very easy to spend a night at ‘Church‘ and still have no idea it’s anything to do with Oli. This makes sense of course, as you want to cast your business net as wide as possible, as has been done here and as seems to be working!

The venue was busy all night, and the atmosphere was very friendly at all times, I think one of the main attractions for those who to me looked a little out of place considering I knew the pretence of it being Oli‘s project, was how different a venue it is to your typical fine dining establishment / niche upper-class bar.

The humble stage for music happenings: classic Mortal Kombat machine!

The layout of the place certainly bolstered this, as a lot of the tables seemed scattered about the place – not in a bad way, just quite arbitrarily. Of course the arcade dynamic adds to this perceived difference hugely, however this was an aspect I was kinda disappointed by for two reasons; by promoting itself as a ‘bar-arcade‘, I’d hoped there would be more than four retro arcade machines, fun as they were it seems a stretch to label yourself that with such a minimal approach and secondly, the fact that the pinball machine (one I wanted to play most) was not on / not working for some reason. However the arcade aspect overall is a unique and fun twist on a wining & dining experience and was a refreshing blast of nostalgia to have a go on the machines.

Sheffield eatery ‘Make No Bones‘ are responsible for the food, and wow are they doing a good job. I was very suspicious of the burger I had chosen as it looked so much like a typical beef patty, and the texture supported this suspicion tenfold. When you pay £10 for a burger, you are entitled to expect a high standard and this was certainly met! The drinks on offer were of a more extravagant disposition than your local, again as was expected and again they went down a treat!



My mate is clearly buzzing to be sinking a cold one at ‘Church’: our ‘Tinsley Town’ and ‘DD’ burgers!

Without a doubt the best ‘Church‘ I’ve laid foot inside, providing a more wholesome experience and inciting a desire to return at some point, unlike a church ever previously has done for me (yep I’m totally not religious at all). Who woulda thought a demonic screeching character such as Oli Sykes would be able to instil religion in the minds of the masses?!

Check out the website here for all the info including the exciting food menu!

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