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Rozu (Japanese for Rose) is a post-hardcore 4-piece from Denver, Colorado consisting of longtime artists Tim Graham on vocals, David Sundine on guitar, Brian Robertson on drums, and Henry Navarre on bass. With a hard-hitting debut EP on the horizon Rozu aims to take both local and national music scenes by storm. With full intention to tour constantly and consistently in support of their debut effort the latter half of 2018, Rozu is the next Denver band to keep your eyes on, as their penchant for all things driving, melodic, and heavy make them a standout you won’t want to miss.

What is Rozu all about?
Rozu is a post hardcore band from Denver Colorado with one goal in mind, to be constantly writing and putting out music and hitting the road.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?
For this band our biggest influences are UnderoathEvery Time I DieThe Plot In You, and Saosin

What inspired you to start making music?
For me personally it was Underoath. I saw them play back in 2008 touring on Define The Great Line and that show lit that fire under my ass to one day be a vocalist in a band.

Tell us about the upcoming project?
Right now we are mainly focused on Rozu however our drummer Brian sings in a sweet band called Saints of Never After, and our bassist Henry is a singer in a dope ska hardcore band called Sorry Sweetheart.

Is there a particular message you wish to get across through your music?
Lyrically we discuss topics of our past and finding the light in shit situations or low points. We just want to be honest and genuine with our topics and not just write empty words.

What are your plans for 2019?
We are planning a couple of tours and shows right now, and will be releasing a couple more singles as we finalize our album.

Listen to Rozu‘s track ‘Faceless‘ here:


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