To call Brockhampton exciting would be a humungous understatement.

To say that Brockhampton spoil us would be just as big of an understatement.

No-one would’ve blamed the boys if they’d taken some time off after releasing not one, not two, but THREE albums last year, and facing some tough decisions regarding former member Ameer Vann.

With all this, and a hoard of tour dates on the way (including the huge Reading and Leeds festival) anyone would deserve a rest at this point. But Brockhampton refuse to back down.

After announcing their new album The Best Years of Our Lives in June, and the release of 1999 WILDFIRE earlier this month, Brockhampton have made it extremely clear that they have so much more to give.

And now, with the release of 1999 TRUMAN, we are more than happy to take what they’re offering.

1999 TRUMAN is a prime example of what makes Brockhampton work. The raw energy that we saw on Saturation III’s Zipper, catchy hooks, angst from Joba – and we are even treated to some of Kevin Abstract’s classic smooth vocals at the end of the track.

The amount of talent on the track is almost unbearable. It is impossible not to imagine hyped crowds bouncing and yelling the bridge “DON’T TALK BACK BOY” back at the stage.

The video, directed by Abstract, is an equal example of why Brockhampton are taking over the world. With over saturated colours, HD scenery, mad visual effects and abs – a lot of them – it is hard not to be sucked in to the hype, and want to binge-watch more.

Even if you had never heard of them, this track and accompanying video could have you calling yourself a fan.

It is undeniable that Brockhampton are quickly becoming one of the world’s biggest boybands, and we are eagerly anticipating what is next to come.

Photo Credit – Biltmore Cabaret


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