Pitch 92 is a unique producer with a richly cultured aesthetic that’s the result of being born in Dublin, then growing up in Switzerland and Germany and now honing his craft in Manchester. Following up his debut Lost in Space EP, Pitch 92 is looking to expand his sounds and create all kinds of potent collaborations on the upcoming 3rd Culture!

Soon to release his extensive debut full-length project 3rd Culture that is seventeen tracks strong and features an exhaustive list of guest features rendering it a showreel of some of the UK’s best talent, we caught up with the boardmaster to ask him about a couple of songs that had a profound impact on him as a person – and influenced him becoming the beatmaker he is today!
Check out the classic tracks he’s picked below!

3rd Culture sees Pitch draw such a multitude of quality verses and guest spots from the artists he works with, and latest single Kingdom is a great example of this – check out first single Humanoid that features King Kashmere, Verb T & Mysdiggi:

Five songs that changed Pitch 92’s life:


Pitch 92

MadvillainAll CapsMadvillainy – 2004


Probably the first introduction i had to underground hip hop when i was 12 years old. My sister came home from school one day and gave me a list of tracks to download on lime wire, this was one of them. Something about the rawness of the beat and rhymes got me hooked which started my obsession with hip hop.





Pitch 92


People Under The StairsLA SongOr Stay Tuned… – 2003

I’m a big PUTS fan and everything they’ve released but this track gives me chills every time I listen to it and its probably my favourite. The whole vibe always made me think I was in LA whilst bumping it. I actually came across the sample when i was digging recently after many years trying to find out what it was. Thes One has always been crazy on the beats, it’s a big shame they’ve retired from music.




Pitch 92

Blackstar & Black ThoughtRespiration (Pete Rock Remix) – 1999

Anything Pete Rock touches is magic. I like the original too but this is like a completely new and different track. I remember picking up this 12 in the early 2000’s, and flipped out when I heard this on the b side. Timeless classic.



Pitch 92


Slum VillageUntitled/FantisticFan-Tas-Tic, Vol.2 – 2000

Still blows me away after listening to it millions of times. Not only is this one of my favourite beats but probably my favourite Dilla verse. The way he flows over his own drum groove is some extraterrestrial shit. The strings and guitar riff over Dilla’s rhodes with the change ups are unreal. Bow down to the dilla-dawg!




Pitch 92


Five DeezBlue Light Special feat. J SandsKoolmotor – 2001

Easily one of the most underrated hip hop crews. Fat Jon’s production is mostly what i always liked about this but the MC’s are integrated like any other instrument in the mix and they all killed it. This track also introduced me to J Sands and his group Lone Catalysts (also mad underrated!).





You can certainly hear some of these influences in the production of Pitch 92, and on new album 3rd Culture his beats are more refined and sumptuous than ever! There is so much depth to the album, with it featuring so many diverse artists with different styles and specifically how Pitch 92 has arranged these features – resulting in absolute fireworks. For a glimpse of this chilled firework display, check out the video for latest single Kingdom featuring LayFullStop, Jehst & Sparkz:

3rd Culture is out on 28th February via High Focus Records – pre-order it here.

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