With rumours abound of a new record to be released in 2018 believed to be entitled ‘Boarding House Reach’, Jack White today (10/01/2018) dropped single ‘Connected By Love’ and B-side ‘Respect Commander’, his first releases since 2014’s ‘Lazaretto’. Interestingly, ‘Connected By Love’ marks a departure from the bluesy garage rock White‘s solo output has been known for up to this point. An elongated electronic bass note thrums throughout the track, and builds along with White‘s familiar vocal up the chorus. It’s at this point that an organ joins the ensemble, an organ which ends up providing the solo breakdown later in the track. Gone, it seems, are the days where Jack would rip through impressive guitar solo’s; in fact, there isn’t a guitar on the track at all! ‘Respect Commander’, meanwhile, sounds more like what we’ve been used to; a bluesy jam with chords straight from the Jimmy Page playbook.

In an interview with Interview Magazine last year, White joked that his latest work would be “… good gardening music or roofing music or, you know, back-alley stabbing music.” Given this, and what we’ve heard so far through ‘Connected By Love’, you can colour us intrigued!




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