Bursting onto the scene from the ashes of frontman Jason Aalon Butler’s former band letlive.Fever333 quickly gained a lot of due attention for their debut EP ‘Made an America‘ which spawned them a Grammy nomination and prosperous touring opportunities. As the forefront voice of unrest and discontent with the state of modern society, the group have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with and the debut album ‘Strength in Numb333rs‘ is sure to propel the band further and extend their status.

Speaking of the project, Jason Aalon Butler said this: “333. The 3 Cs. The foundation upon which this project stands. A representation of COMMUNITY, CHARITY and CHANGE. Our efforts as allies to the movement have been informed by this idea. There is a purpose in these numbers. So today we’re extremely proud to announce another series of broadcasts in the shape of our very first full length album. We, the people, posses a power like none other when united. A sense of strength that cannot be matched when working together. Take back your power and know there is STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS.”

Listen to the project here:

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