Do you ever wonder what it’d be like to be functioning on an overdose of espresso shots and acid, without the hyperventilating, panic-inducing, mind-boggling consequences of actually doing it? Yeah, us too. So don’t you worry, because Australia have found the solution in the shape of a musical pill: Mildlife.

On their nine minute epic, ‘The Magnificent Moon’, which doubles up as their debut single, the Australian explorers fuse together a cocktail of 70’s infused electronic krautrock, rhytmic funk, house, and dream-pop; leaving your brain in a utopia-like world of sunshine and fuzz, so much so they make fellow Australian experimenters Tame Impala look, well, tame.

The single comes as an introduction to their debut LP ‘Phase’ due out February 23rd via Research Records.

Speaking on the single, Tom Shanahan of Mildlife has said :

The Magnificent Moon feels like the veteran journeyman to the rest of the album. I’m not sure if that’s because it was written first or because it seems to know what it wants and has a more considered direction. It never really second guesses itself except for maybe just before the outro when he realises he may have journeyed too far and his space suit has a hole in it. But then he just jams some gum in the hole and gets on with it anyway.

Riding musical waves across vast oceans of eras, genres, and influences, Mildlife take cues from the likes of Can and Herbie Hancock, allowing their music to be teased and tugged and created freely. The band even spent a year out of the studio playing shows figuring out how to make all of their compositions work in a live arena.

You can listen to ‘The Magnificent Moon’ below:

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